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Massive Tornado Ripping Through Dallas Texas

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An immediate  shelter in place order is in effect as a multiple massive tornado with 130 plus mile an hour winds ripping through in the Dallas Texas area and causing widespread damage.
The tornado is tossing around tractor and tailors like they a child throws around toy trick and a massive ball of debris has been picked up on radar.

Live video below.
3:23PM – Tornado warnings still in effect. There are many isolated cells across the area and as one storm passes another comes right behind it, reports CNN live on the air. KTBS just posted a photo of one of the twisters and quotes CNN as saying the the twisters are growing bigger.
Another tornado is reported to have touched down in the Arlington area following the earlier shelter in place warning.


Mystery Radioactive Black Substance Now Spreads Across All Of Kanto Japan

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The radioactive black substance that keeps appearing in places across Japan is now being found across all of the Kanto area.

The latest update on the mystery radioactive black substance in Japan comes from the Fukushima Diary who is reporting the substance is now being found all over the Kanto Area.

Black substance is covering all the Kanto area

Black substance (cyanobacteria) is spreading all over Kanto area.
The very similar substance was found in Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot.
↓ It looks like mixture of lichens and dried soil.
Black substance is covering all the Kanto area
The person who found this has been having health problem, burn on finger (for 3 months) and the bruise on thighs (for 9 months).

The black circle on the left bottom of the picture is the size of the bruise back in July. It’s growing.
 Read more http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/04/02/mystery-radioactive-black-substance-spreads-kanto-japan-111551/

College Board bars AP Government from teaching US Constitution, US wars

I have been removed from the Advanced Placement (AP) Government listserve for documenting US Constitution promises compared with these recent US ‘laws’ and actions:

assassination of Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the president,
control-drown/waterboarding anyone dictated as a “terrorist” despite all US and international case law finding this to be torture,

NDAA 2012 and 2006 Military Commissions Act that state a president can dictate any person as a “terrorist suspect,” and then disappear them without challenge,

presidential executive order saying the US government can seize any resource, any person, at any time for “national defense.”

US wars and armed attacks that violate treaties after both world wars that make use of military unlawful unless a country’s government attacks first (Kellogg-Briand and UN Charter).

There are ~ 2,000 AP Government teachers worldwide; my communications via the listserve documented these important policies that was news to many who only look to corporate media (who also publish our texts). With these communications to teaching colleagues, I used my “academic voice” rather than the “civic voice” I use as a writer. The difference is my academic voice stays to the law and facts without my interpretation and policy position.

Continue reading on Examiner.com College Board bars AP Government from teaching US Constitution, US wars - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/nonpartisan-in-national/college-board-bars-ap-government-from-teaching-us-constitution-us-wars#ixzz1qz9hwKvi

Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola

Anthony Gucciardi
April 3, 2012

corporatedeal 220x137 Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca ColaYou may be wondering why some supposedly ‘healthy’ and ‘environmentally conscious’ companies deceive unknowing consumers into purchasing products with hidden additives and fillers. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that a large number of these pseudo-organic brands are owned by their very unhealthy ‘competitors’, such as Coca-Cola and General Mills. In fact, some of your favorite “All Natural” and organic companies may be owned by a corporate giant.

Companies like Honest Tea and Odwalla may appeal to health conscious shoppers, but they are actually owned by Coca-Cola — the very same company that is currently fuming over the requirement to change their recipes in order to avoid a cancer warning label. Another popular ‘health’ brand is Kashi, owned by the Kellogg corporation. It should come as no surprise that Kashi cereals have been found to contain a copious amount of GMOs and pesticides, according to an explosive report from the Cornucopia Institute. Kashi’s ’Heart to Heart Blueberry cereal’ was found to contain grains coated in the residue of many pesticides such as phosmet, carbaryl, azinphos methyl, malathion, chlorpyrifos methyl, chlorpyrifos. What’s more, the company’s products were found to oftentimes contain 100% genetically modified ingredients.

Read more http://naturalsociety.com/organic-food-industry-bought-up-by-corporations-like-coca-cola/

Street Legal Flying Cars To Debut At The New York Auto Show


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    Two companies are looking to take flying cars from science fiction to reality with a much anticipated debut of flying vehicles at this week’s New York International Auto Show.
Flying cars have stuck to the realm of science fiction for the past half century, but two companies are aiming to change that with the debut of a duo of be-winged vehicles at this week’s New York International Auto Show.

The first candidate – The Transition:

The Transition Flying Car Leaving The Garage
The Transition
The Transition

The Transition In Flight
Every pilot faces uncertain weather, rising costs, and ground transportation hassles on each end of the flight. The Transition® combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any surface road in a modern personal airplane platform. Stowing the wings for road use and deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit. This unique functionality addresses head-on the issues faced by today’s Private and Sport Pilots.
Terrafugia’s award-winning MIT-trained engineers have been advancing the state-of-the-art in personal aircraft since 2006. Now you can streamline your flying experience with the revolutionary integration of personal land and air travel made possible by the Transition® Roadable Aircraft.

Max, Vh:
Cruise, Vc:
Stall, Vs:
100 kts (115 mph, 185 km/h)
93 kts (105 mph, 172 km/h)
45 kts (51 mph, 83 km/h)
425 nmi (490 mi, 787 km)
1700′ (518 m) over 50′ obstacle
Gross Takeoff Weight:
Empty Weight:
Useful Load:
1430 lbs (650 kg)
970 lbs (440 kg)
460 lbs (210 kg)
Fuel burn at cruise:
Useable Fuel:
Mileage on road:
5 gph (18.9 L/h)
23 gal (87L)
35 mpg (14.9 km/L)
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
Read more http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/04/02/street-legal-flying-cars-debut-atthe-york-auto-show-111591/

Major Breakthrough In Nuclear Plasma Fusion

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Plasma Nuclear Fusion Becomes A Reality?


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Scientists say have made a major breakthrough in the field of fusion bring them close to an unlimited source of the cheapest, cleanest and safest energy ever.

A peer-reviewed scientific study published in the Plasma Journal of Physics confirms that a New Jersey laboratory has just made a major breakthrough in the field of nuclear fusion that could lead to commercial grade garage size fusion generators within the next 5 years.

The scientist have recorded the highest ever magnetic confinement of a fusion fuel burning furnace reaching a temperature of at 1.8 billion degrees in their plasma fusion furnace.

The temperature is high enough to power nuclear fusion of fuels like hydrogen and boron which are called “aneutronic” because the produce now neutrons and can be converted directly into electricity.

Read more http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/04/02/major-breakthrough-nuclear-plasma-fusion-111651/ 

US Troop Morale Sinks ‘Out Of Proportion’ Over Afghan Attacks

 US-led troops morale sinks over attacksISAF spokesman

The US-led NATO mission in Afghanistan says attacks on its personnel coming from Afghan troops are having an out-of-proportion effect on the Western coalition forces’ morale.

Press TV – The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Monday that the deaths of coalition troops at the hand of Afghan soldiers had sapped spirits among its forces.

“Although the incidents are small in number, we are aware of the gravity they have as an effect on morale,” ISAF spokesman Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson said in Kabul.

“Every single incident has an out-of-proportion effect on morale and that goes for coalition forces as it goes for Afghan national security forces,” he added.

Since the beginning of 2012, 17 US-led troops, including seven US and five French trainers, have been killed by Afghan soldiers in 10 separate attacks.

Insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan despite the presence of some 130,000 US-led forces in the war-torn country.

Read more ://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/04/02/troop-morale-sinks-out-proportion-afghan-massacre-111881/ 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Make sure you pay those traffic fines on time or you get a body-cavity search and jail.

Justices Approve Blanket Jailhouse Search Policies
     (CN) - A divided Supreme Court on Monday upheld blanket strip-search policies that are enforced against all jail inmates, regardless of the charge they face.

     A successful challenge would rely on substantial evidence that the policies are an unnecessary or unjustified response to problems of jail security, but Albert Florence simply failed to make that case, according to the majority opinion.

     After Florence had been one week late paying an installment in the fine he owed for a previous charge, a New Jersey judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

     Florence made the payment in question a week later, but New Jersey updated his profile on a statewide database.

     Two years later, a state trooper pulled Florence over and arrested him for the outstanding civil contempt warrant.

     The Burlington County Detention Center subjected Florence to a strip search and visual body-cavity search, and Florence underwent another search when the jail transferred him to a facility in Essex County.

     One day after the second search, the charges against Florence were dismissed. He then filed a federal class action against both jails and several other defendants for constitutional violations.

Read more http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/04/02/45245.htm 

Immunity Shields Grand Jury Witnesses Who Lie

     (CN) - Prosecutors who presented perjured testimony to a grand jury are entitled to immunity, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.
     The unanimous decision affirms the 11th Circuit's dismissalof civil rights claims against Georgia prosecutors by Charles Rehberg in 2010.

     After Rehberg had sent anonymous, critical faxes to management at the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Dougherty County District Attorney Kenneth Hodges III and his chief investigator, James Paulk, looked into the faxes as a "favor" to the allegedly well-connected hospital. Bell South, Alltel and Sprint complied with the prosecutors' subpoenas and identified Rehberg as the fax sender.

     The prosecutors indicted Rehberg three times over the next six months, and the case attracted a lot of press attention as each indictment fell through for lack of evidence.
     Amid "unfavorable press coverage" about the DA's political relations
hip with the hospital, Hodges had recused himself from the case and Kelly Burke was appointed as special prosecutor.

     Rehberg sued the three officials under the First, Fourth and 14th Amendments, alleging malicious prosecution, retaliatory investigation and fabrication of evidence.

Read more http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/04/02/45237.htm 

Cop Flips Out, Demands IDs, Appears to Assault and Threaten to Tase Man for Filming

In my opinion this Cop should be fired without pension

Long-term hormone therapy raises breast cancer risk in women

Mon Apr 2, 2012 3:11PM GMT
For combination [hormone] therapy there is so much data about the dangers that we really tell people that if they must take it to treat symptoms, they should only do so for a year or two at most."
Study leader Dr. Wendy Chen of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston
A new US study suggests that using female hormones to relieve menopause symptoms increases women’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Prior findings had tied the most common form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which includes estrogen and progestin to a greater risk of breast cancer.

Researchers of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston who studied about 60,000 women found that using any kind of female hormones even estrogen-only HRT for 10 years or more can slightly increase chances of developing breast cancer.

“There’s a continued increase in risk with longer durations of use and there does not appear to be a plateau,” said study leader Dr. Wendy Chen who presented her findings at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago. 

Cop’s 'ear' in your pocket: Cell phone tracking routine with US police

Published: 01 April, 2012, 23:43
Mario Tama / Getty Images / AFP
Mario Tama / Getty Images / AFP

Keys, driver's license, cell phone…off we go! While an officer can only get your personal details by prompting you to take out the ID, your phone could give you away at the police’s first request – a request neither you nor a court may ever learn of.

Cell phone tracking, previously associated with federal agents, now seems to have become routine for many police departments. A recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) shows that police have not only grown into the practice, but also drop the court warrant stage from the procedure.
Over 200 police departments nationwide responded to the ACLU’s pubic requests virtually

acknowledging that they track cell phones. But only very few of the interviewed departments says they obtain a court warrant to tune in on a phone. Read more http://rt.com/usa/news/usa-police-tracking-cell-phone-988/

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law

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(ADDICTING INFO)   Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Senate Enrolled Act 1 into law in Indiana. The new law allows citizens to use deadly force against police officers they think are illegally entering their homes. Earlier this month, Addicting Info reported  that the bill had passed the Senate. Republicans say the bill is designed to keep police safe, but Democrats say the bill will lead to the wanton killing of police officers.

Rep. Craig Fry, a Democrat, says the bill “is going to cause people to die and it’s too late after somebody dies for a jury to sort it out. Somebody’s going to die, whether it’s a police officer or an individual who thinks a police officer is entering their home unlawfully. People are going to die.”
Fry’s colleague, Democratic Rep. Linda Lawson, a former police captain, says the bill would create an “open season on law enforcement,” and it is opposed by “1,250 state police officers and 14,000 men and women in blue, brown and green.”

The new law reverses a state Supreme Court ruling that homeowners do not have the right to use force against law enforcement officials who they believe are illegally entering their homes. According to the Evansville Courier Press, an Evansville resident fought a police officer who followed him into his house during a domestic dispute call. “The state Supreme Court found that officers sometimes enter homes without warrants for reasons protected by the law, such as pursuing suspects or preventing the destruction of evidence. In these situations, we find it unwise to allow a homeowner to adjudge the legality of police conduct in the heat of the moment,” the court said. “As we decline to recognize a right to resist unlawful police entry into a home, we decline to recognize a right to batter a police officer as a part of that resistance.”

Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to ‘mow the lawn’ before November election ends the ‘opportunity’

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(Philip Weiss)   I missed this crazy argument out of Israel, but Paul Pillar has pointed it out in a great op-ed at the National Interest– a piece from two Israelis at the Bar-Ilan University calling for a largescale attack on Gaza to “mow the lawn” again before the end of the U.S.  presidential campaign forecloses the possibility.

The Efraim Inbar-Max Singer piece reminds us that Israel’s chief and favored response to political problems is: massive violence. The attack would be bigger than Cast Lead of ’08-09! Demonstrating the role of impunity– Goldstone was squelched, these guys think that Israel can just squelch the next Goldstone.

Pillar denounces the thinking eloquently:

Their piece is titled “The Opportunity in Gaza”—it’s interesting how a violent, destructive clash is viewed as a “opportunity.” They argue for a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip now—one even bigger and more damaging than Cast Lead, with the objective of destroying as much of Hamas as possible. They blatantly recommend exploiting the U.S. electoral calendar, arguing that “until November, the U.S. is likely to restrain rather than promote international action against Israel in response to an action in Gaza.” They say “deterrence created by Cast Lead” is “wearing thin,” and “military action now could restore deterrence.” Someone should point out to Inbar and Singer than when you repeatedly have to go to war that means deterrence is not working. But they don’t seem to care, fully accepting the prospect that in the future “Israel will probably have to ‘mow the grass’ again.” There is not a single word in their paper about the lives and livelihoods of the residents of the Gaza Strip, or the effect what they are recommending would have on those lives.

Read more http://www.federaljack.com/?p=174105 

Follow the Money: BPA Makers to Gross $8 Billion Thanks to FDA Rejecting Ban

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Producers of toxic BPA are now boasting $8 billion in sales for 2012 thanks to the FDA rejecting a potential ban on the cancer-linked chemical on March 30th.

According to GlobalData, manufacturers will produce 4.7 million metric tons of BPA this year to be dispersed into the daily lives of millions worldwide. BPA now goes into everything: plastic bottles, canned foods, DVDs, plastic wrap, and much more.

Despite being linked to about as many serious health conditions as the amount of products it contaminates, the FDA has decided once again to side with mega corporations over protecting the health of the people.

Read more http://www.activistpost.com/2012/04/follow-money-bpa-makers-to-gross-8.html 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

China says U.S. has no authority to impose unilateral sanctions on countries dealing with Iran

image credit: AFP/Getty
Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

China has wholly rejected the new sanctions from the United States which take aim at all foreign banks and financial institutions which continue to deal with Iranian crude oil.

“The Chinese side always opposes one country unilaterally imposing sanctions against another according to [its] domestic law. Furthermore, it does not accept the unilateral imposition of those sanctions on a third country,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement on Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

Read more http://www.activistpost.com/ 

Editorial by Mr. Peter Reuter

Lisbon Town Management And The Trail Of Conflict Of Interest Broadens

By: Peter Reuter
The Lisbon Reporter

As one who has attended just about all town meetings and workshops I can only say, that I am simply baffled with amazement and complete total disgust with the way Lisbon's leaders are running this nice community into the ground.   The leaders are not doing it alone.  We have all heard them say "it is with the advice of our lawyer" how many times now?

It is no secret that the town's attorney is involved with a questionable 'legal' scheme to "rape the taxpayer's" pockets of every last penny that he can possibly get.  Lisbon's attorney, Roger Therriault has to be the most unscrupulous heathen that has ever practiced law.  Not only did he promulgate, as personal witness, the complete an fallacious attack of local citizens by Lisbon Chief of Police David T. Brooks recently, he has also provided terrible legal guidance for Freedom of Access requests.  Prompting, so far, two lawsuits that the Town of Lisbon has lost because of his representation.

And the current Town Manager, Stephen G. Eldridge, is proposing to raise the town's legal defense fund by at least another $6000 dollars?   Why is it that we as taxpayer's in this once business oriented community have to continue supporting this? 

How about it Councilor Gina Mason. you and your Councilor Co-hort Cousin Dale Crafts must really be proud of the championship that you provided to former EDC Director Rosie Bradley provided on this one.

 What are you all afraid of?  The economy sucks, taxes are going to rise again and we have a 'money sucking pig' that is only looking out for his selfish legacy all the while providing misinformation about the true expenditures of his department's true operating costs.  Yeah you David T. Brooks, Lisbon's so called Chief of Police.  You are just at the top of the list.  It is Long don't ever forget that.

Isn't enough, enough already?  

Larry Fillmore, Roger Cote, Dorothy Fitzgerald, and many others that have stood tall in the past, for you residents, the taxpayers, the youth in this community deserve to be given a lot of credit for their tenacity. For with out them and this median that was created by the Lisbon Concerned Citizens you would be no different  than a mushroom growing in the wild.  Alone and in the dark.

Doesn't it make more sense to have a so called manager that knows how to do their job and not play party to what soon will break as the biggest corruption scandal in Lisbon's history?  I certainly think so. 

But let's take a look at Roger Therriault for the moment.  He as a licensed bar member has a history of sanctions against him by Justice Andrew Horton of Sagadahoc County Superior Court.


Attorney Roger Therriault  of the same fame, as Lisbon's law firm, Therriault & Therriault, a father and son dynamic law-less duo, was representing Bath and West Bath at the same time at trial proceedings during the summer of 2010.  CONFLICT OF INTEREST come to mind anyone?

When:  August 2010

Be sure and click on the above link to get the full context of their Planning Board's actions.

Now does this sound like where Lisbon is heading with our Planning Board's recent recommendations?  I certainly think so.

It took Therriault several more months before he ended his involvement with the case.  We are now into November 2010.

On December 15, 2010  West Bath District Court Judge Andrew Horton ordered the case be sent back to the Planning Board.

Ol' Sleepy himself Roger Therriault
"Lisbon's Highly Paid Idiot, earning his money."

But more importantly he 'slapped' the wrist of Attorney Roger Therriault for Conflict of Interest between Bath and West Bath.  You would think the he, being a 'supposedly' noted scholar of Law, would have known that.  Any reasonable person with a sound mind and basic understanding of the Law could have seen that just as plain as someone having egg on their face.  But not ole sleepy Therriault and his quasi legal fees of some $170 plus per hour.  Nope, he only sees the meter running with the dollars of public funding.  Legal monetary rape of the taxpayers once again
After a hearing at West Bath District Court, Judge Andrew Horton ordered the case remanded to the Planning Board, which approved the third phase in April. He had called for similar action in July, prompted by a lawsuit filed in May by Robert and Wendy Johansen in Sagadahoc County Superior Court.
In his first order of remand, Horton also noted that attorney Roger Therriault represented both defendant Bath and applicant West Bath. The judge suggested he was concerned about Therriault's work with both sides.
On Tuesday, Therriault's continued involvement – which ended last month – prompted Horton to send the case back again to the Planning Board, with a new attorney representing Bath.
The new attorney, Patrick Scully of Bernstein Shur, said last week that the Johansens alleged that Therriault had a conflict of interest or that the Planning Board process was conflicted because Therriault is also town attorney for West Bath. The dispute, in part, concerns an access road in Bath that leads to the lots to be developed in West Bath.
"In looking at the merits of that argument, I don't believe that it has any legal significance," Scully said. "... I don't think there's a conflict, and nor do I think that it's an appealable issue, but I think the city concluded that in order to essentially take the issue off the table and to eliminate any further suggestion that there's something inappropriate about that, that they should go out and bring somebody else in to handle the appeal from here forward. So that's why they brought me in."


Another 'blind' attorney covering for his fellow union member?   Do your due diligence and you will see what I mean about that question. They are very similar to a religious cult with their protection for each other.

Bath's saga continued into February of 2011 with Therriault still proclaiming that he did not have a Conflict of Interest.  Yeah right Therriault we know you for the putt's that you really are.


So you see Lisbon Residents, taxpayer's and The Lisbon Reporter reader's you cannot always believe what comes out of the mouths of our leaders.  We are in fact throwing away our money for legal representation that is a complete and total waste of my money.  

How about yours?

Ron Paul wins all Delegates in Nevada County

200 arrested in Germany anti-capitalism protest

Police and demonstrators clash during an anti-capitalism rally in Frankfurt, on March 31, 2012.
Sun Apr 1, 2012 12:4AM GMT
At least 200 people have been detained and many injured in clashes between riot police and anti-capitalism protesters in Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt.

“[There have been] at least 200 arrests" and "many wounded" during the protest which was part of a European day of "action against capitalism," an event organizer said on Saturday.

"Lots of people have suffered bruising, there's at least one confirmed fracture and many people suffered from the effects of teargas used by the police," he added.

Occupy Wall Street protesters stage rally in front of NYSE

US police monitor an Occupy Wall Street protest in front of the New York Stock Exchange in New York on Friday, March 30, 2012.
Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:44AM GMT
Occupy Wall Street protesters have staged a rally in front of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to decry economic inequality in the United States.

On Friday, the protesters marched through the streets of lower Manhattan and finally gathered in front of the NYSE where they formed a circle and started chanting slogans as the stock exchange rang its closing bell at 16:00 EDT (20:00 GMT), Reuters reported.

They accused Wall Street of influencing US politicians in favor of the richest one percent.

"The closing bell of the stock exchange symbolizes the prioritization of economics over politics in our society. The fact is that our politicians are more beholden to these institutions than the people they are supposed to represent," said Mark Bray, a member of the Occupy Wall Street press working group.

Blaze breaks out at abandoned Lisbon plant | Sun Journal

Blaze breaks out at abandoned Lisbon plant

LISBON — Fast action on the part of three dozen firefighters from three towns quickly contained a blaze Thursday at an abandoned fiberboard plant at the Topsham town line.
Fire broke out at 6:40 p.m. in the old Knight-Celotex plant at 743 Lisbon Road. Formerly the town's third-largest employer, the plant has been shuttered since the Illinois-based corporation was forced into Chapter 7 liquidation in June 2009.

Blaze breaks out at abandoned Lisbon plant | Sun Journal

Lake — Harriman | Sun Journal

Published on Sunday, Apr 1, 2012 at 12:12 am
Kristina Lake and
Richard Harriman
LISBON — Announcement is made of the engagement of Dr. Kristina Lake and Richard Harriman, both of Lisbon.
The future bride is the daughter of Tina Brooks of Buckfield and Richard Lake Sr. of Turner. She is a 2000 graduate of Leavitt Area High School and received her bachelor's degree in religious studies from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., in 2004. She went on to pursue her doctorate at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. She is currently working as a dentist at the Community Dental Center in Waterville.

Lake — Harriman | Sun Journal

Benjamin Fulford

David Wilcock

New round of mass layoffs in North America

By Barry Grey
31 March 2012
The US electronics retail chain Best Buy on Thursday announced it would close 50 stores this year and lay off 400 corporate and support workers as part of a plan to cut $800 million in costs and restructure its business. The Minnesota-based firm was one of a series of American and Canadian companies that announced major layoffs this week.

Best Buy announced the downsizing and cost-cutting plan on the same day it reported a $1.7 billion loss for its fourth quarter, which ended March 3. The company, which has 1,450 locations nationwide and 2,900 globally, is seeking to avoid the fate of its former rival Circuit City, which went out of business in 2009, wiping out tens of thousands of jobs.

Read more http://www.wsws.org/articles/2012/mar2012/jobs-m31.shtml 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking: Junk Food, Fast Food Proven to Cause Depression

Mike Barrett
March 30, 2012
depressionchair 220x137 Breaking: Junk Food, Fast Food Proven to Cause DepressionAccording to recent research conducted by scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada, both junk food and fast food consumption ignites depression. In fact, the study, published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, shows that those consuming fast food are 51 percent more likely to be depressed than those consuming very little or none of the health-damaging food. What’s more, depression risk was found to increase with the more fast food and junk food consumed.

Fast Food, Baked Goods Shown to Increase Risk for Depression

Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/breaking-junk-food-fast-food-proven-to-cause-depression/#ixzz1qj7JAigG

California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

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California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation


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A Journal Environmental Science and Technology report reveals Fukushima radiation plume hit California with high levels of nuclear fallout radiation.

Washington’s Blog
March 30th, 2012
The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California”, and that Southern California’s seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive  iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada:
Projected paths of the radioactive atmospheric plume emanating from the Fukushima reactors, best described as airborne particles or aerosols for 131I, 137Cs, and 35S, and subsequent atmospheric monitoring showed it coming in contact with the North American continent at California, with greatest exposure in central and southern California. Government monitoring sites in Anaheim (southern California) recorded peak airborne concentrations of 131I at 1.9 pCi m−3


Current TV Fires Keith Olbermann Claiming Network Sabotage

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Current TV Fires Keith Olbermann Claiming Network Sabotage


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The Cable network Current TV has fired Countdown host Keith Olbermann claiming he sabotaged the network and have announced plans to replace him with Elliot Spitzer.

Countdown host Keith Olbermann has been fired by Current TV who claims he sabotaged the network, a claim he denies.

Keith Olbermann, host of the progressive show Countdown with Keith Olbermann has been fired by Current TV.

He has been an outspoken critic of controlled media and both political parties with an extreme and almost repugnant bias toward republicans.

However some of his special comment sections, like the video below, have been some of the greatest pieces I have seen and will be missed.

In fact, I wouldn’t not doubt if his outspoken political views are part of the reason for the fallout with the network.

FDA Rejects Monumental BPA Ban

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

It was reported not too long ago that the Food and Drug Administration would make a decision on the banning of the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). Now, the agency has finally come to a decision, and unsurprisingly, it has decided that there is not enough scientific evidence supporting for the ban of BPA – that is to say, BPA will not be banned from use in food products, plastic packaging, and personal care products.

On Friday the agency made the decision due to lack of scientific evidence to justify the new restrictions, despite tons of evidence showcasing BPAs dangers. The FDA’s problem? Much of the research was performed using mice, and so they claimed that the findings don’t relate to humans.

Read more http://www.activistpost.com/2012/03/fda-rejects-monumental-bpa-ban.html

A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

You Can Laugh At 9/11 Truth-Tellers Till Kingdom Come. But You Can't Destroy The Truth About 9/11.

"Consciousness has been left at the door." - Michael Tsarion.

"The world is all the richer for having a devil in it, so long as we keep our foot upon his neck." - William James.

"Like the Gutenberg Press before it, the Internet Reformation is undermining the established myths that Western elites have concocted in their efforts to create a New World Order. We like to think that the Daily Bell is one modest example." - The Daily Bell.

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2nd Amendment Quotes

Read this in light of the last article about the Well-Regulated Militia.

Whoever said that the founding fathers didn't think that all citizens should have guns is living in their own little world.

The following quotes by the authors of the Second Amendment, their contemporaries, various state and federal courts, and others should be useful in the debate over whether that amendment protects a right of individuals or only the military.


The Second Amendment states: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


"On every question of construction (of the Constitution) let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." (Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, June 12, 1823, The Complete Jefferson, p. 322)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

US House of Representatives approves plan to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps

The US House of Representatives has adopted a budget resolution that calls for privatization of Medicare and the elimination of Medicaid, food stamps and many other federal entitlement benefits. The resolution is part of a bipartisan campaign to slash spending on social programs.

All but ten of the Republican majority in the House backed the resolution—and those ten wanted even bigger cuts. All Democrats voted against the resolution, while offering their own proposals that called for somewhat less drastic cuts in spending and token tax increases on the wealthy.

Not a single resolution was offered that called for increasing spending to meet social needs as the American economy staggers through a fifth year of economic slump and mass unemployment.
The budget was drafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who last year offered the first-ever proposal for the complete abolition of Medicare. It passed the House but not the Senate.

This year’s resolution was even more sweeping and reactionary. It calls for $5.3 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. Part of the savings would be used to reduce the federal deficit, but the bulk of them would go to reward the wealthy with new tax breaks, including abolition of the estate tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax, making the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, and lowering the top income tax rate from the present 35 percent to 25 percent.

Corporate Media Silent On Lawuit Over NDAA Being Used To Silence Journalists

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Corporate Media Silent On Lawuit Over NDAA Being Used To Silence Journalists

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RT picks up on the story of the NDAA being used to silence journalists pointing out how the corporate media has entirely ignored the story.

Alexander Higgins
March 30th, 2012
As I reported yesterday, a coalition of journalists have filed a lawsuit challenging the NDAA because they are being silenced by the NDAA.

Feds Using NDAA To Silence Journalists Critical Of Government

NDAA Silencing Government Critical Journalists

The NDAA is being challenged in a lawsuit by journalists accused of supporting terrorism for reporting facts that challenge the official US government narrative.

A coalition of prominent journalist known for being critical of the United States in the War on Terror have joined forces to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama and Leon Panetta to challenge the National Defense Authorization act.
The NDAA, also known as the Homeland Battlefield Bill, has legalized a wide variety of totalitarian measures against US citizens by declaring the entire world, including the United States, a battleground in the war against terrorism and is a clear and present danger to the US Constitution.
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Is The Chinese Stock Market About To Crash?

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Is The Chinese Stock Market About To Crash?

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China’s debt fueled initiatives may be coming home to roost as the Chinese economy is now teetering on the brink a complete implosion.

“The eternal optimists would have us all believe that China will awaken from its slumbers amid a blaze of new, debt-fuelled spending initiatives and so buy up all the goods we find so hard to sell at home (without offering a substantial concession in price)” is how Sean Corrigan begins his assault on the non-reality that is China’s ‘save-the-world’ protagonists. It is worth noting, however, that those who actually invest in the place seem to be too busy selling their equities to pay much attention to the Panglossians and Polyannas. With a 10% slump in the past 12 sessions in the main indices (retracing a major fib interval of the 2012 rally), there seems little enthusiasm there for clinging on in the hope that the PBOC will bail anyone out – and the wedge is closing on something big in the chart. Plain vanilla economics might well be correct in telling the bulls that they may rely on a Zhou Xiaochuan Put to spare them too much future pain, but the law of the political jungle, red in flag, tooth, and claw, may well dictate otherwise. As we write, it seems beyond dispute to say that the Chinese hierarchy is battling it out behind closed doors to determine the long term future of the regime and, by implication, the direction of the entire nation. In such momentous times, we would perhaps be foolish to think that the routine application of short?term countercyclical policy will bear overmuch weight in their counsels. Simply out, there is too much political infighting for any large-scale action to be taken as “Having moved against the state-capitalist left of old man Jiang and his Chongqing bruisers, surely the last thing Hu & Co. would want in their final months in office would be to unleash another oligarch?enriching orgy of speculation of the kind such a mass stimulus would be almost bound to foment.”


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Lisbon Maine Proposed Budget 2012-13


The Town of Lisbon has posted on the town web site, the initial 2012-2013 Municipal Budget Proposal.  Now, I fully understand this is only a starting point and not the final product.  This budget will be worked by the Budget Advisory Committee, the town Manager, Finance Director and finally the Town Council over the next several months before a final municipal budget will be voted on by the Town Council.  The people will NOT be able to vote on this year’s municipal budget.

I have been reviewing this budget and am terrible disturbed at the trends as outlined by the Town Manager recommendations in this budget.  I guess it is not hard to understand why Eldridge's only desire is to spend more money since he does not live in Lisbon nor does he pay property tax here.  The town Manager does not have a vested interest in the taxes for the people of Lisbon.   Eldridge does not understand there are only two methods to reduce taxes and they are:  (1) Increase revenues coming in and (2) reduce spending.  This is not rocket science but apparently Eldridge does not understand these simple facts.

According to this budget, Eldridge proposes a 2% increase in pay across the board.  I do not understand how in this economy this is possible especially when our department heads, including Eldridge, salaries are $166,000 dollars higher than the same department head in Skowhegan.  There is also a proposal of a $10,000 dollars wage increase for the Park Ranger.  Please do not misunderstand me, I certainly believe Verla Brooks deserves every penny of this raise but until the other department heads who are not earning their inflated salaries are reduced, I cannot see how this is possible.  The two department heads who contribute the most to this town are the lowest paid: Recreation and Parks.  These two departments generate revenue for this town and do an excellent job.

Now at the last Town Council Workshop, Eldridge announced he wants to hire a Planner for the Economy Community Development Department.  We currently have an Economic Community Development Director who has not contributed anything to the town since being hired.  Benson has talked a remarkable game but has produced absolutely nothing.  We lost Kitty Korner and now Grazianno’s.  More money spent and no revenue coming in.

Under General Government/Contingency there is a $25,000 increase or 163.16% for matching grants for Police Department Cruiser Video Systems $10,000 and furnishing to comply with Federal Grant Funding of equipment for Dispatch $15,000.  Why is this line item under General Government/Contingency instead of the Police Department and Communications?  Both of these items pertain to the Police Department and should be listed under the Police Department in the budget instead of under General Government.  Brooks is trying to hide the actual cost of his department which is the largest drain on this town.  This is how Brooks conceals his operating cost and ensures the people of Lisbon have no clue as to how large his budget really is.

In the General Government/Legal, Eldridge wants an additional $6,000.00 for legal fees.  There would be no need for legal fees if Eldridge and Therrauilt did not conspire to force citizens to file lawsuits to obtain Public Records and information pertaining to how our tax dollars are being spent.  There is absolutely no transparency in government in Lisbon.  I have asked for the Credit Enhancement Agreements for the six (6) businesses utilizing the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program as directed by the state TIF Director and my request was denied.  I am turning it over to the state for appropriate action since they provided the guidance.  This is yet another example of Therrauilt providing false information to the town.

I will continue to update the people of Lisbon as I review this proposal.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen