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19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For In America

With each passing year, the difference between America's prisons and America's public schools becomes smaller and smaller.  As you read the rest of this article, you will be absolutely amazed at some of the crazy things that school children in America are being arrested for.  When I was growing up, I don't remember a single police officer ever coming to my school.  Discipline was always handled by the teachers and by the principals.  But today, there are schools all over the country that have police officers permanently stationed in the halls.  Many other schools will call out police officers at the drop of a hat.  In the classrooms of America today, if you burp in class, if you spray yourself with perfume or if you doodle on your desk, there is a chance that you will be arrested by the police and hauled out of your school in handcuffs.  Unfortunately, we live in a country where paranoia has become standard operating procedure.  The American people have become convinced that the only way that we can all be "safe" is for this country to be run like a militarized totalitarian police state.  So our public schools are run like prisons and our public school students are treated like prisoners.  The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world by far, and our schools are preparing the next generation to either "do time" in the prison system or to live as good little slaves in the Big Brother prison grid that is being constructed all around us.  But what our schools are not doing is giving these children the critical thinking skills that they need to live as free citizens in a nation that used to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave".
Of course very few people would deny that the character of American schoolchildren has changed dramatically over the decades.  Back in the 1950s, some of the biggest school discipline problems were gum chewing and hair pulling.  Today, kids bring knives, guns and drugs with them to school.  Gang activity is rampant in many of our schools and in some schools kids are even having sex in the school bathrooms.
So there is definitely a discipline problem in our schools.
But what is going on in many areas of the country is absolutely ridiculous.  For example, in 2010 alone police down in Texas issued an astounding 300,000 tickets to school children.
Yes, if a kid pulls a knife on someone the police should get involved, but teachers and administrators should be able to use some common sense and handle the vast majority of discipline problems that happen themselves.
What you are about to read is absolutely going to amaze you.  The following are 19 really crazy things that school children are being arrested for in America....
#1 At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perf
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Prison dilemma: surging numbers of older inmates

Posted by Justin A Horne on January 30, 2012 at 9:13pm in The Prison-Industrial Complex
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In corrections systems nationwide, officials are grappling with decisions about geriatric units, hospices and medical parole as elderly inmates — with their high rates of illness and infirmity — make up an ever increasing share of the prison population.

At a time of tight state budgets, it's a trend posing difficult dilemmas for policymakers. They must address soaring medical costs for these older inmates and ponder whether some can be safely released before their sentences expire.

The latest available figures from 2010 show that 8 percent of the prison population — 124,400 inmates — was 55 or older, compared to 3 percent in 1995, according to a report being released Friday by Human Rights Watch. This oldest segment grew at six times the rate of the overall prison population between 1995 and 2010, the report says.

"Prisons were never designed to be geriatric facilities," said Jamie Fellner, a Human Rights Watch special adviser who wrote the report. "Yet U.S. corrections officials now operate old age homes behind bars."
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Ron Paul

Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from Universities

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

Who needs alternative or natural treatments when there is already a fantastic medical system put in place aiming to ‘better’ the world? At least that’s what more than 400 doctors, medical researchers, and scientists who want to shut down all alternative medicine degrees seem to believe. 

Alternative Medicine Attacked by Mainstream Medical Establishment

The mainstream medical practitioners in Australia seem to think that alternative medicine has no place, so they have chosen to form a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to get rid of any alternative medicine degrees.

The group, comically calling themselves ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’, have even openly denounced alternative medicine as ‘quackery’. They specifically stated that universities offering these alternative degrees are ruining their reputation by giving “undeserved credibility to what in many cases would be better described as quackery” and by “failing to champion evidence-based science and medicine.”
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State of Denial in Coming War Catastrophe

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The world economy is in the tank, and the Federal Reserve’s decision to extend its zero interest rate policy to, at least, the end of 2014 proves it.  What will happen if the fragile world economy also has to deal with a war with Iran?

That should have been the big headline coming out of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, but what was reported was concern over slow or no growth in the world.

All the signs are that the West is careening towards war with Iran, and there is not a peep about it from world leaders.  Are they in a state of denial in a coming war catastrophe?  I say yes.

One of the first shots fired by the EU was in the form of increased sanctions to boycott Iranian oil in about five months.

The second shot looks like it will be fired by the Iranians who won’t wait for sanctions to kick in and will move to cut off oil exports of around 600,000 barrels a day to the Eurozone.  (Click here for more on this story.)

The Iranians have not yet cut off the oil.  Read more here

Ben Fulford (Jan 30 2012) ~ Out Of The Box Negotiations Are Proceeding At The Highest Level

Benjamin Fulford | January 30 2012

The reason that many of the top Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate crooks have not been arrested yet is that the old system needs to be kept going with string and wire and duct-tape until final preparations for a radically new system are completed. For example, an Asian proposal now being negotiated calls for 10 million yen or about US$125,000 to be budgeted for each and every individual human being on earth. The Pentagon is also making similar radical proposals for a complete change of how humans interact with each other and with nature. The big conclusion being reached at the highest level is that the old financial system in the West was an illusion used by a secret cabal to keep us enslaved. We are now about to become truly free in ways that will exceed most people’s most optimistic expectations. However, there will be some hard work at first before this becomes true.

The proposal being forwarded by the White Dragon Society to Asian clan elders is for the creation of a new, meritocratically staffed organization to be set up near Tenri City, South of Osaka. The name now being proposed for this organization is “Long-term Investments For Everyone,” or LIFE, for short.
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 Editors note: This may seem a little out there but there are actual
court proceedings to back up some of this controversial material.

Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?

Ron Paul is likely to win more delegates to the 2012 GOP convention than either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum this week. Wait. What? That's why he campaigned in Maine this weekend.

By Peter GrierStaff writer / January 30, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, speaks at a campaign stop in Freeport, Maine, Saturday. Robert F. Bukaty/AP

This week, Ron Paul is likely to win more delegates to the 2012 GOP convention than either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. In fact, he’s likely to win more delegates than Gingrich and Santorum combined.

“Hold it”, you’re saying, “How can that be? Rep. Paul’s polling in single digits in Florida. He’s going to finish behind Gingrich and Santorum, as well as Mitt Romney, in Tuesday’s Florida primary. How can that translate into beating any of his rivals at all?”

We’ll tell you how – because he’s not winning those delegates in Florida. He’s winning, or will probably win, at least a few delegates in Maine.

Paul took a quick two-day swing through Maine over the weekend, in case you didn’t notice. He met with GOP Gov. Paul LePage. He spoke to big crowds throughout the state – in Lewiston, apparently, event organizers had to expand his conference room to handle the people who showed up.

He even landed the coveted L.L. Bean endorsement – that's Linda Lorraine Bean, heiress of the L.L. Bean empire and a lobster roll entrepreneur in her own right. She endorsed Paul on Saturday from her restaurant in the retail outlet mecca of Freeport.
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Group Says FBI Snoops on Wikileaks Supporters

     WASHINGTON (CN) - A nonprofit government watchdog claims the FBI refuses to release information on "the government's identification and surveillance of individuals who have demonstrated support for or interest in WikiLeaks."
     The Electronic Privacy Information Center sued the Department of Justice's Criminal Division and National Security Division, and the FBI, in a FOIA complaint in Federal Court.
     It claims the Justice Department and FBI refuse to disclose a single record of their tracking of people who are sympathetic to WikiLeaks.
     EPIC, a public interest research organization, says it based its request for information "on the need for the public to obtain information about government surveillance of individuals exercising the rights to freedom of speech and association guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."
     WikiLeaks, whose website allows anonymous posting of documents to discourage unethical behavior in governments and corporations, published an enormous trove of diplomatic cables concerning U.S. foreign policy in November 2010.
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West Pushes UN To Force Assad Out Of Syria; When It’s West Causing The Violence

Jan 30th, 2012 | By

The Western establishment are pushing through a resolution in the UN that will give Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, 15 days to step down before tougher measures are taken.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and French ministers are attending a meeting in New York, to make it clear that the Globalists will not allow the Middle-Eastern people to determine their own future.
Meanwhile Russia understandably remain skeptical, preferring to “study the recommendations and conclusions of the observer mission in detail” before carelessly voting for any intervention that could put their own nation at risk [1].

The ever increasing influence the West has over the region is creating a cold war bulldozer right on their border. Although the plight of some Syrian citizens against the Assad regime shouldn’t be ignored, it’s also well established that the Western empire and Israel have had Syria on their list of countries to invade since 2001.
Gen. Wesley Clark reveals Full Spectrum Dominance plan:Read more here

Strong Earthquake Strikes Central Peru, Injuring at Least 70

The Intel Hub
January 30, 2012
ICA, PERU (BNO NEWS) — A strong earthquake struck near the Peruvian city of Ica on early Monday morning, causing damage and injuring more than 70 people, officials said. Thousands of people were forced to spend the night on the street.

The 6.2-magnitude earthquake at 12:11 a.m. local time (0511 GMT) was centered about 47 kilometers (29 miles) southwest of Ica, the capital of the region which carries the same name. It struck about 48 kilometers (29.8 miles) deep, making it a shallow earthquake, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP).

The earthquake, which was felt across central Peru and struck as most people were sleeping, caused damage to an unknown number of houses and other buildings. Some telephone lines collapsed and power outages were reported in Ica and the surrounding area, local media reported.
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Emergency Shutdown at Illinois Nuclear Reactor, Steam Containing Radioactive Material Seen

January 30, 2012
UPDATE: Nuke Plant Spokeswoman: “Smoke was seen coming from an auxiliary transformer but the fire department found no fire” -Reuters

Title: Byron Station Declares Unusual Event
Source: Exelon Press Release
Date: Jan 30, 2012
Emphasis Added
[...] Operators at Byron Generating Station declared an Unusual Event at 10:18 a.m.CT, due to the loss of offsite power and Unit 2 coming offline.

The nuclear facility’s diesel generators activated as designed to provide power to the facility when there is a loss of offsite power to the facility. The facility remains in a safe condition. Station engineering experts are looking into the cause of the loss of offsite power.

Byron Station is designed to depressurize to reduce steam pressure as part of the many redundant safety systems built into the facility. Steam from the unit is released through safety relief valves that are specifically designed for this purpose. The steam, which will evaporate quickly, contained expected levels of tritium. Local residents may see or hear the steam release in progress, which will continue throughout the day until the unit cools down. These types of station releases are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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Lawsuit Slams “All Natural” Snack Makers for Containing Harmful GMO Ingredients

Anthony Gucciardi
January 31, 2012
foodchipsbowl2 210x131 Lawsuit Slams All Natural Snack Makers for Containing Harmful GMO IngredientsDoes the term ‘all natural’ really mean anything when it comes to food labeling? Increasingly, the evidence says absolutely not. A new lawsuit launched from New York highlights the real lack of meaning behind the ‘all natural’ marketing stunt, stating that Frito-Lay’s popular ‘all natural’ snack foods like Tostitos and SunChips are actually made with genetically modified ingredients.
Chris Sakes leads the suit against the mega snack corporation, filing a class-action lawsuit that sheds light on the ‘all natural’ labeling scam. Shake said that Frito-Lay products are not natural at all, as they contain corn oils and genetically modified plants. What is this phony ‘all natural’ claims worth? About 10 cents more than competing brands that do not claim to be all natural, which contain virtually the same ingredients. The lawsuit reported that independent testing actually confirmed the presence of corn and vegetables oils as well as GMOs within the popular snack brands.
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Blue balls theories rage after Dorset storm mystery

Mr Hornsby said he was keeping the balls in his fridge while he tried to find out what they were
A number of theories have been put forward to explain the presence of blue jelly spheres found in a Dorset garden.
Steve Hornsby from Bournemouth reported the 3cm diameter balls came raining down last Thursday during a hailstorm.
Theories include the balls being crystals used in floral displays or ammunition for a toy gun.
But Mr Hornsby remains unconvinced and believes they were formed in the atmosphere. Bournemouth University is to analyse the balls.
He found about 20 balls made of a jelly-like substance which the Met Office has said was "not meteorological".
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Maine Special Olympians overcome adversity during Winter Games at Sugarloaf | Sun Journal

Maine Special Olympians overcome adversity during Winter Games at Sugarloaf | Sun Journal

Caution Urged for Mutant H5N1 Avian Flu Work

January 28, 2012 by  
Filed under Featured Stories, Health
(NY TIMES)   Virus surveillance systems are ill-equipped to detect mutations arising in flu viruses. So, work on the viruses is unlikely to offer significant, immediate public-health benefits, some say.

Why would scientists deliberately create a form of the H5N1 avian influenza virus that is probably highly transmissible in humans? In the growing debate about research that has done precisely that, a key question is whether the public-health benefits of the work outweigh the risks of a potential pandemic if the virus escaped from the lab.
For the scientists who have created the mutated strains of the H5N1 virus, the justifications are clear. Surveillance of flu viruses could, they argue, allow health organizations to monitor birds and other animals for the mutations that would provide an early warning of a pandemic and enable authorities to act quickly to contain the virus.
That claim is meeting with skepticism, however. More than a dozen flu experts contacted by Nature say they believe that the work opens up important vistas in basic research, and that it sends a valuable warning about the potential for the virus to spark a human pandemic. But they caution that virus surveillance systems are ill-equipped to detect such mutations arising in flu viruses. As such, work on the viruses is unlikely to offer significant, immediate public-health benefits, they say.
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Israel’s Aggression

Alison Weir February 1, 2012 0

With its enormously disproportionate power (financed by American taxpayers), Israel has consistently violated international law, UN resolutions, and human rights conventions.

by Alison Weir / CNI

Israel initiated almost all of its wars and is virtually always the instigator of renewed bouts of violence. For example, while many Americans have been led to believe that the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza was defensive, in reality, Israel was the party that first violated the ceasefire.
The Israeli military, which possesses at least 100 nuclear weapons, is rated the 3rd-5th most powerful in the world. It is far more powerful than any other military in the region. Palestinians have little beyond small, minimally armed militias.
The rockets that have been launched from Gaza – which began after Israel had invaded Gaza many times and killed numerous civilians – have killed a total of approximately 20 Israelis. During this period Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians. Charts of Israeli and Palestinian casualties and detailed information on each can be seen here.
With its enormously disproportionate power (financed by American taxpayers), Israel has consistently violated international law, UN resolutions, and human rights conventions.
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Joke of the day

3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda

Eat This, Not That

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America has a drinking problem. No, not booze. I'm talking about soft drinks. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the average American guzzles 44.7 gallons of the sweet stuff every year. Not sure what 44.7 gallons looks like? It's about what you'd need to fill a small kiddie pool.
But the truth is, you don't need me to tell you that soda isn't healthy. We all know that America’s drink of choice contributes to our country's ever-expanding obesity problem. But, as Rodale.com writer Leah Zerbe discovered, love handles are just the beginning. Read on for her report on three shocking soda facts that will have you saying “Just water, please” from now on.
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Shocking Soda Fact #1: Soda fattens up your organs

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In Landmark Case, Greek Court Writes Off Employed Bank Customer's Debt

Think filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get debt discharge? Think again, at least in Greece. While previously we have reported that Greek courts had written off "untenable" debts of unemployed Greeks owed to local banks, Kathimerini describes a landmark case which may have profound implications for the indebted country, in which a fully employed woman has had the bulk of her debt written off. From Kathimerini: "In what could turn out to be a significant ruling for Greeks suffering from the economic crisis, a court in Hania, Crete, has become the first in the country to order that the majority of the debt owed to banks by someone still in full employment be wiped out. Sunday’s Kathimerini understands that the Justice of the Peace Court in Hania based its decision on a 2010 law that allows judges to give protection to people struggling to meet their financial commitments.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Police usage of armored surveillance vehicles becoming more widespread across the United States

(Photo credit: SLMPD/Police Magazine)
Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Recently, the Sun-Sentinel out of Fort Lauderdale, run by the Tribune Company which runs the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, among others, covered how the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has deployed “The Peacemaker,” which is an armored bank truck converted into a surveillance powerhouse.

The police purchased the discontinued armored truck from Brink’s for $10 then retrofitted it with cameras on all of the bullet-proof windows and it now has the ability to stream live panoramic video to the police headquarters for up to 700 hours.
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British Pair Arrested in United States on Terror Charges Over Tweet Joke

The Intel Hub
January 30, 2012
Two British tourists were arrested by the Department of Homeland Security and denied entry to the country after posting two tweets that were apparently considered terrorist threats by overzealous agents who did not posses even rudimentary knowledge of the difference between British and American English.
Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting were detained and kept in a cell, occupied with Mexican drug dealers, for over 12 hours.
The tweets that caused their detention as possible terrorists were so obviously non threatening that the fact that agents tasked with protecting our country would not see this shows just how far down the police state hole America has actually gone.
The Daily Mail and others recently reported on this insane series of events:
“Two British tourists were barred from entering America after joking on Twitter that they were going to ‘destroy America’ and ‘dig up Marilyn Monroe’.
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South Carolina Sheriff says "Emperor Has No Clothes"

Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Recently, Spartanburg County, S.C., Sheriff, Chuck Wright, caused a bit of a stir by admitting publicly that law enforcement cannot provide safety against common crimes of violence.  Sheriff Chuck Wright was quoted as saying, "Our form of justice is not making it." He later suggested that "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it."  These comments came about after a man grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in a park, the man allegedly choked the woman and made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her. [1]

After hearing Wright's courageous and truthful remarks a Spartanburg County Councilman Michael Brown "launched a verbal attack on Wright, referring to his comments regarding Right-to-Carry as 'irresponsible, reprehensible [sic] and… incendiary.' [2] Brown went on to describe his own lack of faith in law-abiding citizens, stating, “People say Spartanburg is coming to a boiling point and this is just the opportunity for people who are not trained law enforcement officials, people who do not have extensive training and the experience, to handle weapons."
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UK riots: paratroopers are trained in riot control

British troops are being trained in riot control tactics amid fears that violence and looting will return to Britain's streets this summer.

 UK riots: paratroopers are trained in riot control
Troops were trained into how to work as teams armed with body-length shields in driving back hostile crowds Photo: Ki Price/AFP/Getty Images
Hundreds of soldiers from 3rd battalion The Parachute Regiment spent last week learning how to contain and arrest "rioters" in a series of exercises mirroring last summers violence.
Defence sources have confirmed that if violence were to return to British cities, especially during the Olympic Games, the Paras would be "ideally placed" to provide "short-term" support to police forces around the UK.
Such a request would have to be made by the Home Office and would have to have Prime Ministerial approval, according to the source.
During the exercises at the Lydd training base in Kent, the elite troops were pelted with petrol bombs and missiles and "fought" running battles with gangs of protesters as part of the battalion's "public order training".
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Police roll out video surveillance truck called The Peacemaker

Tania Ouaknine is convinced the police are watching her.

She's not paranoid — it says as much on the red sign painted along the side on the hulking armored truck that's been parked in front of her eight-room Parisian Motel for several days.

"Warning: You are under video surveillance," reads the bold message on the side of the truck.

From the front bumper of the menacing vehicle, another sign taunts: "Whatcha gonna do when we come for you?"

The truck is a new weapon for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in the fight against drugs and neighborhood nuisances, and it looks like a Winnebago on steroids. They call it "The Peacemaker," and it may be a first in South Florida.
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After Public Backlash Hester Rejects £1 million Bonus

Jan 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Breaking News, Economy | Print Print

Only after considerable public backlash has RBS chief Stephen Hester decided against accepting £963,000 in bonus shares, from the public bailed out bank.
Don’t think this is a victory over the corrupt banking system however. It was also announced today that this is essentially a one off to pacify the public, as the Government will not exercise its state control over the bank to block any other ludicrous bonuses.
Norman Smith, a Downing St spokeswoman told the press that it’s up to the executives to sort out any problems and to run the bank. It’s up to them who accepts bonuses.
“They are doing a good job and making good progress,” she told the BBC.
Yeah, a good job of paying themselves the publics tax money while we’re forced in to further austerity. The Government was never in a position to bail out anybody. They are bankrupt and can only borrow money at our future expense.
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Carcinogenic Dioxin Set Free: EPA Kneels to Monsanto and Big Agriculture

Cassandra Anderson
January 30, 2012
GMOfield1 210x131 Carcinogenic Dioxin Set Free: EPA Kneels to Monsanto and Big AgricultureDioxin is the most toxic man-made chemical known regarding damage to health and the environment.  The EPA has withheld a study about dioxin for decades in order to protect large industries that produce dioxin while manufacturing herbicides and pesticides, plastics, chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals.  In addition, industrialized agriculture (Big Ag) has pressured the EPA to withhold the report because dioxin becomes concentrated in animal products like meat, eggs and dairy.
The non-cancer portion of the EPA report is due out by the end of January 2012, with the cancer portion to follow at some unspecified date.
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Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from Universities

January 30, 2012
darkalleyway 210x131 Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from UniversitiesWho needs alternative or natural treatments when there is already a fantastic medical system put in place aiming to ‘better’ the world? At least that’s what more than 400 doctors, medical researchers, and scientists who want to shut down all alternative medicine degrees seem to believe.

Alternative Medicine Attacked by Mainstream Medical Establishment

The mainstream medical practitioners in Australia seem to think that alternative medicine has no place, and chose to form a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to get rid of any alternative medicine degrees. The group, comically calling themselves ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’, have even openly denounced alternative medicine as ‘quackery’. They specifically stated that universities offering these alternative degrees are ruining their reputation by giving “undeserved credibility to what in many cases would be better described as quackery” and by “failing to champion evidence-based science and medicine.”
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NY Vice-Principal Brags About School’s Laptop Spying to PBS

Apparently using laptop webcams to spy on students isn't an isolated problem. An assistant principal in the Bronx recently not only bragged about doing just that to PBS—he demonstrated it live. Heads up: this gets real creepy.

Dan Ackerman is an administrator at Intermediate School 339, in the Bronx, and he appeared in a Frontline segment two weeks ago to demonstrate how they monitor their students' computer usage. The uncomfortable part of the segment, in which he accesses the webcams of various unknowing middle schoolers, starts at 4:36.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

2nd Arkansas police officer pleads guilty in Operation Delta Blues drug and corruption case

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The second of five Arkansas law enforcement officers accused of accepting bribes and looking the other way while drug traffickers shipped marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs throughout the region pleaded guilty to extortion and money laundering Thursday.
Federal prosecutors in Little Rock agreed to drop the remaining charges against former Marvell Police Officer Robert Wahls in exchange for his guilty plea.
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2012 Presidential Candidates: Who has been bought out?

2012 Presidental Candidate Contributions from Billionaires
Where does the money come from?
This graphic from the Washington Post clearly demonstrates the level of control the 1% has the ability to exert.
As a member of the 99%, I am using this information as a guide to who to avoid, who to look more carefully at, and who to ultimately vote for. I want my voting choice to say something to the powers that be. As we have become all too aware, the influence of money in office does not just affect candidates. It is an ongoing corruption issue, and those that accept monies from corporations will have an incentive to continue to accept them in office in exchange for political favors.
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More Police Brutality Wash D.C.

Journalists—Myself Included—Swept Up in Mass Arrest at Occupy Oakland

| Sun Jan. 29, 2012 10:03 AM PST
Occupy Oakland protesters flee as police attempt to kettle them ahead of Saturday's mass arrest.
On Saturday, Occupy Oakland re-entered the national spotlight during a day-long effort to take over an empty building and transform it into a social center. Oakland police thwarted the efforts, arresting more than 400 people in the process, primarily during a mass nighttime arrest outside a downtown YMCA. That number included at least six journalists, myself included, in direct violation of OPD media relations policy that states "media shall never be targeted for dispersal or enforcement action because of their status."
After an unsuccessful afternoon effort to occupy a former convention center, the more than 1,000 protesters elected to return to the site of their former encampment outside city hall. On the way, they clashed with officers, advancing down a street with makeshift shields of corrogated metal and throwing objects at a police line. Officers responded with smoke grenades, tear gas, and bean bag projectiles. After protesters regrouped, they marched through downtown as police pursued and eventually contained a few hundred of them in an enclosed space outside a YMCA. Some entered the gym and were arrested inside.
As soon as it became clear that I would be kettled with the protesters, I displayed my press credentials to a line of officers and asked where to stand to avoid arrest. In past protests, the technique always proved successful. But this time, no officer said a word. One pointed back in the direction of the protesters, refusing to let me leave. Another issued a notice that everyone in the area was under arrest.
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State Emergency Managers Usher in IMF-style Austerity and Soviet-style Governance

Brandon Turbeville

In what can easily be described as a Soviet-style law, Michigan’s Emergency Financial Management Law which was passed in March, 2011, essentially gives the Governor the authority to take over local governments and municipalities and appoint his own directors in place of elected leaders. 

Yet, although individuals who have researched the controlling factors which determine the policies of Federal, State, and Local governments will not be surprised at all, those who naively believe in political parties and carefully crafted political philosophies might be surprised to discover that this Communist-style bill was passed under reactionary Republican Governor Rick Snyder, not a liberal Democrat. 

1,000 Mainers Greet Ron Paul at Freeport Event

Turnout far exceeds organizers’ plans for 300 as more than triple attend in spite of chilly weather
FALMOUTH, Maine – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a crowd of 1,000 supporters in Freeport, Maine today, demonstrating his popularity among voters in the crucial Pine Tree State.  The crowd gathered expressly for the 12-term Congressman from Texas as he spoke from the balcony of Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern at 1:30 p.m. EST.
Most notably, the crowd left the comfort of their homes, braving near-freezing temperatures to hear Dr. Paul’s message.  This contrasts with less inspiring candidates struggling with diminished interest including crowd size in balmy Florida.  Event organizers noted that Dr. Paul touted provisions of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America’ and conversed supporters and undecided Maine voters.

Ron Paul surveys the huge rally attendance as he begins speaking.

DNA Database of Men Who Pay for Sex? The Strange Push to Make Cops Collect DNA from Suspected Johns

January 29, 2012
Law enforcement and conservative campaigners want to threaten men who buy sex with the possibility of being marked for life in a government database.
For the last six years, police across the United States have been empowered by federal and state law to collect DNA from the people they arrest in order to build a government DNA database.

The database includes those who have yet to face trial as well as people who are later found innocent. Now a group of researchers, law enforcement and conservative campaigners want to exploit people's concerns about being included in such a database in order to scare people out of involvement in the sex trade. By threatening people with the possibility of being marked for life in a government database, these well-funded campaigners -- with allies in law enforcement, including the Department of Justice -- are using a questionably legal policing practice, a combination of "scared-straight" strategies that became a signature of the war on drugs and the extension of the surveillance state propelled by the war on terror.
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Occupy Oakland video: Police use flashbangs & tear-gas against

Hurricane Survivors Can't Sue Feds Over Toxic FEMA Trailers

     NEW ORLEANS (CN) - Mississippi and Alabama residents cannot sue the U.S. government over formaldehyde-laden trailers that the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided when Hurricane Katrina made thousands of homes uninhabitable, the 5th Circuit ruled.
     Agreeing with the August 2010 decision of a federal judge, the federal appeals court said the plaintiffs, representing 10,000 residents, lack subject-matter jurisdiction to sue since FEMA provided the trailers at no cost to residents and under no obligation.
     In 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes along the Gulf Coast. The Federal Emergency Management Agency contracted private businesses to immediately construct and provide thousands of travel trailers to give residents as temporary shelter until other housing became available.
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Magic Mushrooms Could Treat Depression Say Scientists

Jan 24th, 2012 | By

The euphoric feeling one experiences during a psilocybin “magic mushroom” trip could be crafted to treat depression and other illnesses say British scientists, who have studied the brains of those using the psychedelic substance.
Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms was analyzed in two separate studies and was found to suppress brain activity in regions similar to that of pharmaceutical anti-depressants. This evidence helps strengthen the argument of doctors and scientists who believe that using natural psychedelic substances in a therapeutic manner, along with professional psychotherapy, could be a step forward in treating depression, addiction to hard drugs or alcohol, and other ailments of the mind.
One of the studies, which is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal (PNAS) [1], showed that volunteers felt a mood-lifting shift in their perception of self. Theoretically under the right coaching, this could help patients change their outlook on life to be more positive.
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Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests

The Intel Hub | Factions within the U.S. Government’s Military Industrial Complex have been and indeed are testing Direct Energy Weapons, chemical, nuclear & biological agents on the civilian populace.
The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas & Joe Joseph 
January 29, 2012
In the dawn of 2012, many Americans, still left in the dark and unawakened to the fact that their omnipotent government and floundering leaders in Washington would have anything less than the peoples best interest at heart, will now face one of their biggest fears.
Factions within the U.S. Government’s Military Industrial Complex have been, and indeed are testing Direct Energy Weapons, along with chemical, nuclear and biological agents on the civilian populace.
In fact, U.S. law, approved by Congress, allows chemical and biological testing on the populace. (see PUBLIC LAW 105–85—NOV. 18, 1997 111 STAT. 1915)
Official White House Photo
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues is composed of 13 members and was established in November of 2009 by way of Executive Order 13521 which was issued by President Barrack H. Obama.
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Ron Paul Wins Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) Straw Poll on Saturday January 28 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) took a straw poll on January 28th 2012. Ron Paul won the poll with a huge lead over anyone else.

The results were:

Ron Paul              200 votes
Rick Santorum           62 votes
Newt Gingrich            38 votes
Mitt Romney             15 votes
Jon Huntsman            1 vote

Now, we all know what the media does by twisting the information and ignoring Ron Paul wins.  When you go to the Tennessee for Ron Paul 2012 blog, you will see a comment on it about what the local media in Nashville has said.

The comment is the "Urgent Update" - saying that the media is not mentioning the straw poll results but they are saying Tennessee Republican Assembly (which held the straw poll) is endorsing Santorum.  So the TRA is ignoring the straw poll and not even releasing the results and the will of the Republican party members for Ron Paul.  The only reason we know the results is due to someone taping the final count, which the video is below. 

The TRA held the assembly and straw poll, but did not like the results and immediately endorsed Santorum.
All the members of the TRA need to find out WHO exactly decided to do this and how exactly they think they can go against their members.

I have to wonder if Ron Paul has actually won all the primaries up to this point, but due to fraud has been pushed back.  It just seems to me, every single poll online, even on Drudge always has Ron Paul winning.  How is it Ron Paul can be the overwhelming winner of polls, from straw polls to online polls, yet he is third in the primaries?

There is enough evidence those at the top will lie about and ignore Ron Paul, so why would it be surprising they have set up the Diebold machines to cheat Ron Paul and the American public?  Diebold machines are easily hacked and controlled, there are videos showing it being done by universities and how the votes are managed to how those at the top want them to be.

The facts are, the American people's votes do not count and it is all fraud and I believe Ron Paul is getting the majority of the votes during the primaries.  We know how the media lies.  I do not trust a single word they say.  I am finding it is happening at the local level too, not just the national level.
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gingrich Forgets He’s A Serial Adulterer, Compares Gay Marriage To ‘Paganism’

January 27, 2012

It’s  becoming a widely accepted fact that Newt Gingrich is a vile, putrid gas-bag (no offense to bags) who sanctimoniously adorns himself in the  Big & Tall cloak of old testament Christianity. Mitt Romney’s primary opponent is so utterly obsessed with happy and content gay couples seeking the inevitable misery of marriage that he overlooks his own complete and utter lack of marital commitment, as stipulated in the bible he so keenly thumps in order to secure the bigoted, religious right vote. Like so many of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Newt flagrantly eschews  Matthew 7:1, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”
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Benjamin Fulford scheduled to make questionable claims on his first Coast to Coast AM appearance, on January 30, 2012

Coast to Coast AM
Benjamin Fulford is scheduled to make his first appearance on Coast to Coast AM on January 30, 2012. From the show description:
Former Asia/Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, will address how most of the world’s money is now controlled by Asia, which will bring a fundamental change in the balance of power, and a restructuring of the international banking system.

Why does the military seem to be preparing for urban warfare in the United States?

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Recently, I published an article covering the January 22-26 multi-agency exercises being conducted in the Los Angeles area.

As I outlined in the article, this is in fact part of a broader trend of joint military-police drills (which often include other agencies, hence the “multi-agency” label) that have been occurring across the United States.

It seems hard to ignore the fact that the armed forces of the United States are training for urban warfare, not urban warfare in the Middle East, but instead here in our own nation.

This is becoming painfully clear due to the fact that the military trains for what they think they’re going to do.

If they are planning to fight in the desert, they would train in the desert and obviously if they are going to be fighting in a metropolitan setting in the United States, they would train in an American city.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are witnessing: increasing amount of training in urban American environments.

The Los Angeles drill is just a microcosmic example of this, and one of the more disturbing developments is the announcement of a “mock city roughly the size of downtown San Diego” which has been erected recently at the Twentynine Palms military base.
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Lisbon Maine More Money Uncovered


The master of hiding money from the people is none other than the Chief of Police, David T. Brooks.  It is a shame he cannot find money like our $32,500 misappropriated from the town but he sure can hide it from the citizens of Lisbon.  During his presentation on the Consolidation of the Communication Center, Brooks openly admitted line items for the communication center were placed under different departments in the budget.  The cost for communication center personnel, telephone, software, repair & maintenance and supplies was scattered in other places within the budget in order to disguise the actual cost of operating the police department.

After reviewing the school budget for this year, there was an interesting abnormality discovered.  It seems the school is required to pay the two Student Resource Officers assigned to the school department.  According to the Superintendent of School, Richard Green, these Lisbon Police officers perform critical tasks such as cyber bulling and handle family crises.  These two officers are on the staff of the Lisbon Police Department and are performing police duties.  Mr. Green stated these officers are a critical entity of the school system.

Now comes the rub, the School Department is required to pay 75% of these officers salary.  Why should the school department pay anything for these officers?  These officers are members of the 14 officers of the Lisbon Police Department and are performing police duties in the schools.  Just because these officers duty assignment is in the school does not justify making the school department pay 75% of their salary.  This is just another way for Brooks to hide more money from the people of Lisbon.  Brooks does everything he can to conceal the true operating cost of the police department.

Honesty would go a long ways to improving communications in this town.  The people have a right to know where their money is going and what the true cost of operating each department is.  How can anyone see where to cut spending if all the costs are not located in their right places?  This is yet another prime example of mismanagement by our town officials.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen