Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unnecessary Town Expense


I am going to try and explain the perfect setup between the town manager and the town attorney.  I requested information on double-dipping and the outstanding loans in Lisbon.  I did this to determine if there was some collusion or corruption going on in town government.  Low and behold, I found something much more damaging to the community.

Both of my requests were in accordance with Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) which required a response from the town in writing within 5 working days.  In both cases I received nothing from town.

I sought out an attorney and asked what my options were.  My lawyer contacted the town attorney and was also blown off by Therrault.  This left me with two options:  (1) drop everything (2) file a lawsuit on both FOAA requests.  I was totally convinced Eldridge and Therriault were trying to cover-up mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars so I filed two lawsuits at my personal expense.  Why else would Eldridge and Therriault not want me to have this information?

The judge held two or three “informal” hearings with only lawyers there in an attempt to resolve this situation without going to court.  I was open to sitting down with Eldridge and Therriault and trying to resolve this situation prior to filing the lawsuits but neither of them wanted to talk.  I believe it is because Eldridge’s ego is too big and all Therriault see is taxpayer’s dollars in legal fees. 

Finally, the town agreed to provide me all of the information I request on double-dipping.  So this raises the questions; “If I was entitled to this information from the start, why did we have to go through the court to get the information?”  Please do not try and tell me Therriault did not know the law pertaining to FOAA request or what is a public record?  No this was his way of raping the town of Lisbon on legal fees.  These two lawsuits, which I won both, cost the taxpayer’s approximately $10,000 dollars in just legal fees. 

During the second lawsuit, the judge awarded me five out of eight pieces of information.  Therriault argued this was personal information which could, would, should have been utilized to damage the loaners.  This was the furthest thought in my mind.  I was only trying to find instances of mismanagement by the town.  The three pieces of information were (1) balance on loan; (2) date of last payment; (3) amount of last payment.  The purpose of this information was to determine if the loaners were making their payments on time and the payments were not partial payments.  The five pieces of information I did receive were public records so why didn’t the town provide them to me originally.  Please don’t tell me Therriault did not know I was entitled to this information.  Instead, Therriault delayed the process and as a result received legal fees he was not entitled to because he is being pay to know the law and not bleed the taxpayer tax dollars in legal fees.

As a result of Eldridge’s ego and Therriault’s greed, the citizens of Lisbon are forced to pay approximately $10,000 dollars.  This is a crying shame to be forced to pay for someones ego and the  incompetency of the other.  Keep in mind, neither of these individuals pay taxes in Lisbon so neither of them have a vested interest in your tax dollars and how your hard earned money is spent.

It is apparent to me and this is my personal opinion, both Eldridge and Therriault are so crooked they have to screw their pants on.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen