Thursday, March 22, 2012

Burnsville Minnesota Man Harassed, Jailed, and Given Electronic Home Monitoring For House Siding Code Violation

The Intel Hub
March 21, 2012
In what can only be described as a disgusting display of the ever evolving police state in America, a Burnsville, Minnesota man was repeatedly harassed, jailed without bond, and placed under electronic monitoring for a simple code violation.

In 2007 Mitch Faber ran into economic problems (like the rest of America excluding the corrupt 1%) which caused him to be unable to immediately bring the siding on his house up to city “code.”

Then in 2009 Mitch received a few more ‘warning letters’ which caused him to subsequently spend 12,000 dollars putting stucco along the siding of his house.

This was apparently not good enough for City leaders who eventually issued an arrest warrant for this otherwise law abiding man.