Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are they covering up?

Over $7000 dollars to prevent FOAA requests,  does that even make any sense?

By: Peter Reuter
The Lisbon Reporter

Lisbon residents, you have to be smarter then to believe what your Town Manager Stephen G. Eldridge is trying to convince you of.  Does this even pass the “Strait Face Test”? 

If this TRULY is the case then the Town Attorney, Roger Therriault, has to be the most ruthless lawyer in the land.  Not only has he been the representative for Lisbon’s legal battles for too long, but he also has been a key player in the dynamics of the improprieties of  Town  Official’s conduct.
Case in point, he was in the Executive Chambers during the Town Council meeting of  February 17, 2009 when Police Chief David T. Brooks expounded about Janice Comber, Todd Comber, Roger Cote, The Lisbon Concerned Citizens, and The Lisbon Reporter.  Not only was ALL of it a LIE and a SHOW but it was entirely based on hearsay evidence presented to him by Debra Danuski.  It had no merit  and we can prove that her credibility is CRAP.  We have a very nicely composed letter from one of her children explaining in detail just what she did when she was in the NAVY. Basically, she abandoned her own  children and lied to the NAVY about her living arrangements.  But she in turn becomes such a kiss-ass and back stabber that she ran to Brooks with information that was overheard at a Lisbon School Board private retreat for their officials.

So as you can see this is getting more and more involved as the time passes.  Let’s back up to the current problem at hand.  The Town Manager.  Remember who was on the  Town Council that unanimously brought this “heathen” into the community?  Norma Wells, Charlie Smith, Dale Crafts, Mike Bowie, Fern LaRochelle, Janet Henry, and  Gina Mason.   Thirteen applicants applied for the job.  Remember  Police Chief David T. Brooks was the interim Town Manager at the time.  As John Jenkins, a great candidate, stated to many that he was not even interviewed for the position.  No, because  Stephen G. Eldridge had been basically fired on a technicality from Rumford and was working for Lewiston at the time all the while sucking up to the Maine Municipal Association who basically turned  him into their “golden boy” all for the likes of Lisbon.   What a great match-up, right?  WRONG.

So elections roll around in November of 2008, and Roger Cote upsets incumbent Charlie Smith by the largest margin (votes) ever recorded in Lisbon’s history.  And ‘Evil Eldridge’ touts in his latest monthly garbage report about how he welcomes and takes around each newly elected Town Councilor.  Ask Roger Cote what he got for an introduction?  ZILCH.  

No he got a verbal display of complete arrogance and stupidity by Lisbon’s Police Chief David T. Brooks.  And then he was sent in front of the Town’s Ethics Panel for conduct unbecoming a public official.  The Ethics Panel concluded that if anything was conducted in that fashion that it was done BEFORE he became an ELECTED Official of the Town of Lisbon.   And whom do you think was one of the biggest mouth pieces at the microphone that evening of  February 17, 2009 coming out to support Brooks and his LIES?  The one that is running for Roger Cote’s Town Council position, Lisa Ward.

Would you all like to see another viewing air of that meeting right here on The Lisbon Reporter?  It can happen very easily.  Isn’t this modern technology great or what?

Now here’s a little tidbit of history concerning  “The Lisbon Concerned Citizens” that is very important.  This group was formed by a bunch of citizens that meet  to discuss ways to improve and get out the information to the residents that was not being presented by the Town Officials, nor were letters written to the Sun Journal getting published.  SO this blog, The Lisbon Reporter was launched on July 8, 2008.  At our second meeting,  Todd Comber asked  Lori Pomelow, who was there with her husband David, if she would take notes for the group.  Which she did.  And those notes just so happened to end up in the hands of  Police Chief David T. Brooks for his presentation that he read verbatim many times during his more then two hour audition for Hollywood, as Councilor Cote told him. 

See a connection yet with the issues of Scottsdale Avenue? 

So residents it is up to you to get out and help make changes if you are not satisfied with the current management. 

It seems to me that $7000 for attorney fees as stated by ‘Evil Eldridge’ for Mr. Larry Fillmore’s FOAA requests is quite a bit excessive.

Could it be that there are some other litigating circumstances that the ‘Putz Eldridge’ is not disclosing to YOU, the taxpayer’s of his salary like he should?  He is using Mr. Fillmore as the ‘scapegoat’ when in fact there might be pending grievances filed by some of the Town’s working Unions?

Wake UP People!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big brave cops shooting at unarmed citizens...... shame

Part 2


This is the second part of the “Eldridge Exposed Himself Part 1”.  I have outlined to you the deception and deceit Eldridge utilizes to manipulate the Town Council and to fool the people.  In his managerial report, he criticizes the people for expressing their feelings on blogs.  He believes the name calling is inappropriate and as he has stated “juvenile”.  I am guilty of this and my take on this is if the shoe fits, shut up and wear it, cry baby.  The terms utilized by myself and other reporters on the Lisbon News and the Lisbon Reporter are accurate.  This problem is the people we criticize know it is a true reflection of what they have done to this town and they deserve every bit of it and more because they are destroying the town of Lisbon. 

If you do not believe me, let me prove it to you.  In the last year alone, the assessment dbase has been removed from the town web site; the people have lost the right to speak out on agenda items after the sponsors have explained it to the council and prior to the council voting on agenda items; there is no transparency in the town government; the bid process was removed from the town web site; we are not provided the agenda and documents for workshops; the minutes of the town council meeting leave off critical questions and answers because they do not favor the management of the town; they have misappropriated Economic Community Development funds and cannot find the money or who to blame; and they are forever hiding vital facts from the town council and the citizens of Lisbon. Can you imagine for one minute, the Chief of Police cannot conduct a thorough enough of an investigation to get a conviction on $32,500 being misappropriated? 


Eldridge states there is only a small group of people which share our concerns in the town but he had better think again.  There are a few of us that are not intimidated by Brooks and Bowie and point out the facts.  My writings on the Lisbon News and the Lisbon Reporter was perpetrated by Councilor Pomelow taking away the citizens right to speak out on agenda items prior to a vote.  This was directed by Bowie as a way to censor the people from knowing what is truly going on with these agenda items.  Requiring citizens to address agenda items before the item has been fully explained clearly demonstrates the ignorance of Pomelow and the rest of the council who voted for the changes to the council working rules.  The blogs Eldridge refers to in his article are the result and the only place concerned citizens have to express their feelings. 

I have always provided the readers of the Lisbon News and the Lisbon Reporter with cold hard facts and only facts.  I have always and will always provide all the facts and will not spin the facts to support my side of an agenda.  I have asked the council on numerous occasions to make sure they have all the facts and not just the ones presented to them by Eldridge before making a decision.  This has never happened because Eldridge always covers it up and never before puts it on paper.  This managerial report clearly outlines the tactics Eldridge has been using to manipulate the people and the town council. 

If you want to know the truth on any issue, read about it in the Lisbon News and the Lisbon Reporter because what you get out of the town council and the town manager is only what they want you to know.  There is no transparency in Lisbon and never will be until the town is rid of Brooks, Bowie and Eldridge.  Eldridge’s own admission in his managerial report, demonstrates how expertly he spins the facts and the truth.  I do not blame the town council for the deceit and deception in the town of Lisbon but I do blame them for not being able to see through the crap Eldridge has been feeding them for the past few years.

Thank you very much Evil Eldridge for publishing the managerial report and allowing me to expose how you spin the facts for your own agenda.


I believe I have provided the citizens and the town council with irrefutable evidence of the lengths Eldridge goes to, to keep the town council and the citizens of Lisbon in the dark by feeding them crap.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Sun Journal to offer online forums on ballot questions | Sun Journal

Sun Journal to offer online forums on ballot questions | Sun Journal

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Accident Waiting to Happen


On the ballot in June 2011, there was a bond issue to repair the bridge and road on Fisher Road.  The bond passed and the money was appropriated to repair both the road and the bridge.  This bridge was in such poor shape the town was concerned with the state closing the road.  However, they were not concerned enough to take any action to protect or post warning signs for vehicles traveling on this road.  Today, I traveled on the Fisher Road to see for myself the improvements on the bridge and road and was shocked to learn nothing had been done.  I am including three pictures of the condition of the bridge and road today.

It is the primary responsibility of Evil Eldridge and his golden boy, Ryan Leighton, to put in motion the task of repairing the bridge and road.  Once again, these two individuals have neglected the residents of Lisbon by failing to post warning signs or getting the bridge and road repaired.  This lack of concerned for the residents of Lisbon and other individuals who utilize the Fisher Road is distressing.  God forbid the bridge goes out or falls down and causes injuries to anyone.

Does the Town of Lisbon have to wait until the incompetence of Eldridge or Leighton causes a fatality before this Town Council takes action to remove these two individuals?   The next question is where is the money taxpayers appropriated for this project and why has nothing been down.  I understood the money to repair the bridge was appropriated last year and the bond added more money to include the repair of the road.  In any case, the funding has been there since June and the bridge is deteriorating rapidly as indicated by the pictures below.

 Citizens of Lisbon stop hiding in the corner and come out and voice your concerns at the next Town Council meeting, Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 7:00 PM at the Town Office.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizens

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BIW worker injured when forklift tire explodes | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

BIW worker injured when forklift tire explodes The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

10 major stories ignored by mainstream media

In an age of blogs, tweets, hacks and piles of beans spilled by WikiLeaks, the notion of media censorship may seem dated.
But the rundown of stories Project Censored calls attention to this year serves as a reminder that mainstream media outlets favoring the superficial over the substantive don’t give us all the information we need.
Since 1976, Project Censored has endeavored to spotlight important news articles that didn’t find their way into mainstream headlines. Originating with a classroom assignment at Sonoma

more here---

Friday, October 7, 2011

Topless women at Occupy Wall Street

Council Meeting Recap Oct 4


Tuesday’s night Town Council meeting was an extremely sad day for the Lisbon Community.  Faye Brown, Green Thumb Gang, informed the council she was finished as a volunteer taking care of the garden for the community.  Ms. Brown cited the total lack of support from the management of the town.  She presented a very appropriate plant to the town manager.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must see so turn into the Town Council meeting viewing now on Channel 7 at 7:00 PM on Friday night.  Faye was first to speak so you do not have to sit through a lot to witness this devastating event.

There was an excellent presentation on Fisheries in Maine by Andrew Goode.

Liza Ward spoke for a senior citizen about the Western Maine Transportation bus.  This was discussed at the last workshop and the council is working on this problem.  As it turns out, there will be a workshop on October 25th to discuss this very issue with the management of the bus line.

Ryan Leighton presented the bids ordered by the council at the last meeting.  The bids were higher and the lowest bidder has asked to curtain the project until next spring.  The council votes to reject the bids and put the project off until next spring.

The council voted to approve the warrant on Charter Changes on the ballet in November.

The council adopted the amendment to the Purchase Order Policy. 

The council approved a motion to open the bid process for the demolition of 3 Village Street and to utilize Undesignated Funds to pay for it.

On October 11, 2011 there will be a Workshop to discuss:
                                 Fireworks Ordinance
                                 Marijuana  Dispenser

Councilor Mason, Social Director for the council, announced the first Moxie Day meeting for next year had been held.  Councilor Mason asked for more volunteers for upcoming events.

At this point, the meeting took a drastic turn of events.  It was supposed to be an Executive Session on Personnel Matters.  Councilor Cote asked the council do this in public but Councilor LaRochelle said he was in possession of a letter and it’s contents needed to be reviewed by the council in private.  Chairman Lunt announced the council would go into closed session to discuss if they were going to do whatever in public.  So the majority waited for the council to return so we could be briefed on what was taking place. When the council returned and went back into session.  One of the councilors made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded and voted to adjourn.  Once again, the public waited for the council to brief us and they did not; wasting more of the public’s time.

I want to express my heart filled appreciation for the more than fifty years of dedication and faithful volunteer service to the Lisbon community by Faye Brown.  It is a crime the community lost a valuable asset because of the mismanagement by the town manager.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thought of the day

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny."------- Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn