Wednesday, September 28, 2011

911 Discussion


At last nights, Town Council workshop, there were several items discussed which were not on the schedule calendar. This was supposed to be a Strategic Planning session. Well instead, the council discusses how to cover up Leighton’s abuse of the Purchasing Policy by changing the Purchasing Policy. They also discussed the Lewiston/Auburn 911 consolidation and the Lisbon Connection problem.

The first topic was the Purchasing Policy which in my personal opinion was excellently written. I believe it is very clear and provides a fair and just exception to allow for contracts to be awarded to local businesses. However, the council eliminated the last two sentences in paragraph Section 86-34 Formal Bidding (A). I believe this was an excellent change.

There apparently is a problem with the "Lisbon Connection" bus service to connecting towns. The Western Maine Transportation lost some Federal funding due to budget cuts. This means someone will have to make up the difference. Currently, the Town of Lisbon is paying $25,700 for this service. There were several items brought out like cutting some of the runs; consolidating runs and raising the rates from $1.00 to $1.50. The issue was tabled for another workshop in order to have a representative of the company come in and explain all options to the council. This I believe was the right decision.

Next, Bowie discussed the Lewiston/Auburn 911 consolidation of communication centers. Bowie is totally against the consolidation. I wonder why? Could it possibly be his wife works for the Lisbon Police Department and would have a direct and indirect impact on her? Of course no one can see a conflict of interest here. Bowie is doing everything he can to protect Brook’s empire and his wife’s employment. Brooks sat in the audience so proud of his stooge. Bowie did his very best to poison his fellow councilors. This was totally unnecessary because Bowie runs the council and the puppets will do anything Bowie tells them to do. What a waste of time!!

The remainder of the meeting dealt with the Vision statement for the Town of Lisbon, the strength and weakness of the town and the council never got to the threats and opportunities of Lisbon.

Bully Bowie would not allow Mrs. Fitzgerald to speak even after Chairman Lunt recognized her. I wonder who really runs the town council.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Who is in Charge?

During last night’s Town Council Workshop, Mrs. Fitzgerald requested to provide input into a discussion on the Strengths and Weakness of the town. Chairman Mark Lunt recognized Mrs. Fitzgerald allowing her to offer input into the discussion. Mrs. Fitzgerald began speaking and Bowie piped up and said Mark this is a workshop or words to that effect. Chairman Lunt immediately terminated Mrs. Fitzgerald from continuing on.

Bowie’s action clearly demonstrates Bowie’s complete disregard for Vice Chair Pomelow’s Town Council Working Rules on decorum. Bowie should not have interrupted Mrs. Fitzgerald. The Chairman had recognized Mrs. Fitzgerald so she had the floor and should have been allowed to speak. At all council meetings or workshops, the Chairman and only the Chairman has the right to recognize members of the public and allow input from a resident. Bowie was completely in violation of the Council’s working rules.

The fact of the matter, Bowie showed no respect for Mrs. Fitzgerald by interrupting her and forcing his influence on the Chairman. This display of bullying is a prime example of who is really running this Town Council. Bowie forced the Chairman to stop Mrs. Fitzgerald from presenting information to the council. We will never know if the information Mrs. Fitzgerald was trying to bring to the discussion was of any value because Bowie shut her up. This incident is another example of censorship by Bowie and the puppets.

Chairman Mark Lunt buckled to Bowie’s demand. This is not the action of a true Chairman and expresses a true lack of respect for the Chair by Bowie. Do not let anyone tell you; Bowie is not running this council and this is a direct violation of the council form of government. Every councilor is supposed to be allowed to think and vote for themselves and not be lead around by their noses. There is only one councilor not being intimidated by Bowie and that is Councilor Cote.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Police are the real criminals here

Riots in U.S.A. Anyone remember the 60's

Observations of a Jailed Journalist

Observations of a Jailed Journalist

The Intercept: 'Occupy Wall Street': Police brutality, media blackout

The Intercept: 'Occupy Wall Street': Police brutality, media blackout

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have reviewed Mrs. Fitzgerald’s letter on the Lisbon Reporter and I totally agree with her. The Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge, prepared a document on behave of the Town of Lisbon and the Town Council to return the property at 231 Lisbon Street to Mr. James Morreale with specific terms and conditions.

There are numerous issues with this document as far as I am concerned. I do not understand why this document was not presented to Mr. Morreale prior to receiving it at the meeting. Mr. Morreale has retained counsel and certainly would need to have his lawyer review the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing it. This document first appeared on the town web site on Friday evening under Agenda Documents. This document was presented to the whole world prior to Mr. Morreale receiving his copy. Is this the right procedure? Try to bring up a personnel issue before the town council and see if the council will allow it. I do understand Mr. Morreale presented his case before the council but some details should not be revealed to the public prior to Mr. Morreale.

Also, why is the amount owed to the town of Lisbon not included in this document? Evil Eldridge is the Tax Collector for the town of Lisbon and certainly should know exactly how much money is owed. So why was the amount not included on the agreement? Could it be the Town of Lisbon is going to continue changing the amount owed in order to mess with Mr. Morreale and his lawyer? I can almost guarantee the people of this town Evil Eldridge and Councilor’s Bowie, LaRochelle and Vice Chair Pomelow have a different agenda and the town will take Mr. Morreale’s property back before this situation is final. Remember, these three voted to take his property on September 6, 2011.

The terms and conditions are extremely vague and leave compliance up to the discretion of the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO). These terms and compliance should have been outlined with references to the town ordinances in order to ensure Mr. Morreale clearly understands what is required of him. Not fully outlining the violations of the town ordinances, opens the door for a difference of opinion and we all know whose opinions will be valued more in a court of law. The town of Lisbon needs to have the CEO, outline in detail, the exact requirements Mr. Morreale needs to comply with instead of leaving this agreement so vague and open to interruption.'

This is exactly the manner in which Evil Eldridge operates. Instead of spelling everything out in detail, write vaguely in order to create an opening for the town to seize more property. By the way, where is the processed abatement on 231 Lisbon Street submitted in April 2011? I wonder why the abatement was not included in this agreement to establish the tax requirements on Mr. Morreale’s property. Again, another detail left out of this agreement which would ensure Mr. Morreale has all the facts pertaining to the property at 231 Lisbon Street.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Lisbon Council Protects their own.

Lisbon Council should be commended for the fine job they did Tuesday night, insulating themselves from any
future recall attempts.

Early on in the meeting Mr. Bowie (from the Ethics Committee) almost derailed the charter change proposal, by questioning some of its ambiguous wording. Due to the quick thinking
of the councillors and an impromptu mini workshop the changewas saved.

When faced with the fear of having to be answerable to the people, councillors sprang into frenzied action debating the wording of the charter change. They also solicited legal advice from the Town Attorney as well as Ethical guidance from an Ethics Committee Member.

After 20 minutes of intensive back and forth the ammendment was saved and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately the ammendment that would cut Lisbon’s taxes by giving the people the right to vote on their own budget, had another fate. This threat was quickly alleviated by placing a cleverly crafted non binding advisory question on the ballot. We even got a preview of next years stall tactic

When it was suggested that the advisory question regarding the budget be changed to a vote by department instead of a straight up and down vote, Councillors summarily rejected the idea.
Lets look for this non binding advisory question on next years ballot.

Lisbon Council (with the exception of Mr. Cote) has no intention of ever giving the people of this town the ability to vote on their own budget. They just don’t believe we are smart enough to handle this responsibility.

Lets put the power back in the hands of the people this November.
Reject all charter changes until the council allows us a department
by department vote on the budget.

F.E. Stacey

Thought of the Day

If the people of Lisbon have no realistic way of recalling a Councilor then we have no control over the Council.
 We are in effect being taxed without true representation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Convoluted Working Rules


Vice Chair Pomelow started in April 2011 to create new working rules for the council. Pomelow is an administrator by profession and after she screwed up this seven page document she turned it over to another administrator (Evil Eldridge) to correct. The council voted to adopt these working rules knowing perfectly well these rules could never be complied with by the people. This made total sense to these councilors.

However, the simplest issue, which was agreed upon by everyone, never got changed in these new working rules. Everyone agreed to move the recognition portion of the meetings to one of the first agenda items so people being recognized would not have to wait around with their families. You would think such an easy item could be incorporated without any problems. Never done by both of these administrators, and as a result people being recognized have to sit through whatever portion of the meeting the chairman so desires.

These new working rules do not have a place to discuss any new business. I want to thank Chairman Mark Lunt for allowing Mrs. Trudy Duvall to address the council about a horrible issue involving the lack of an animal control officer being on duty to take care of an unfortunate situation. The fact of the matter is the residents of this community can only address agenda items during Audience Participation according to these new rules. This demonstrates yet another method the council is using to restrict residents from communicating with their council.

Paragraphs 4(b) is in direct conflict with paragraph 5(d). Paragraphs 4(b) addresses Public Comments and states "After introduction of an agenda item, appropriate motions and time for explanation and council questions, the public shall be allowed to comment on that agenda item at the discretion of the Chair. During that period of time, the public comment shall address only the agenda item before the council." And Paragraph 5(d) states "Once the agenda has been explained by its sponsor or the town manager or staff and clarified by any questioning as provided above in 4c, the discussion on the specific agenda item will remain with the council and public comments will only be allowed at the Chairman’s discretion. The public shall address the item during the Public Hearing or Audience Participation section of the agenda."

At this point in the meeting, the Public Hearing and the Audience Participation are already passed. In paragraph 4(b) the people are allowed to make comments on this agenda item but in 5(d) comments by the people can only be made in Public Hearings or Audience Participation. This clearly demonstrates the council is trying to restrict any comments by the people. Well, which is it?

Right now, Chairman Mark Lunt is allowing the people to speak on agenda items after the sponsor has explained the situation. I guarantee you Chairperson Pomelow will never allow anyone to speak on any issues. You see Bowie (the puppet master) has designated/primed Pomelow to be the next Chair. All of these changes have been made to prevent residents from having any input into what the council is doing. The council wants total control without any interference from the people.

Two administrators, (Vice Chair Pomelow and Evil Eldridge) could not even publish a simple document seven pages long. This surely speaks volumes for their professionalism as administrators.

I also want to thank Peter Reuter for joining our fine staff of the Lisbon Reporter.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Lisbon's Meeting structure


The Town Council held not one; not two; but three council meetings last night. At approximately 06:30 PM was the pre-meeting conducted by the puppet master Bowie. In attendance were Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bickford, Mason, and LaRochelle came in later. This meeting was to ensure the puppets understood their roles at the regular scheduled meeting. Councilors Cote and Lunt were not invited to this meeting. Apparently, these councilors do not know where the council chamber is located.

Next meeting was the regular town council meeting held in the Town Council chamber as outlined in the town charter. This meeting went off without a hitch. Councilor Bowie would make a motion and one of the puppets would second and then all the puppets voted with the puppet master. This continued all through the meeting.

Apparently, some of the councilors screw up because after the regular meeting several of the councilors move to Evil Eldridge’s office to be debriefed. These meetings are totally illegal. They protect Chief Brook’s enormous budget so the police will never touch them. This is why I keep telling the residents of Lisbon; this town has no police department but instead a protection racket. Councilors are protect and untouchable. The pre-meeting and debriefing meetings are illegal and need to stop.

Councilors can criticize residents and place restrictions on them when they themselves are guilty of the same thing. One council, Vice Chair Pomelow was cited by the Code Enforcement Officer for operating a junkyard out of their residence years ago before she became councilor and now she is requiring Mr. Morreale to clean up his property. This councilor has been cleaning up her yard but still has a long ways to go. There are other councilors who have secrets in their closet which has been covered up by the police department. This is why Brooks maintains such a large budget.

Councilors should lead by example and not criticize fellow citizens of the Town of Lisbon. This town needs to work hard to help residents who are suffering in these economic times instead of trying to legally steal their property. It is amazing how the only property the town is going after are ones without liens on them. These residents worked their entire life paying off the mortgage on their retirement/dream house and now because of the economy and the outrageous spending by the town are not able to pay their taxes. This council has failed these people by not cutting spending. Instead, this council supports inflated budgets by the police, fire and town managers.

This is the exact reason the council voted to include a survey on the November ballot instead of including a Charter Change on the ballot. The council is delaying the process for another six months in order to protect the police, fire and town manager budgets. I can almost guarantee the people regardless of the outcome of the survey; this issue will never again be discussed unless Councilor Cote brings this up again and then the council will vote not to include it on the next ballot. This council and Brooks, Galipeau and Eldridge know the people will cut these budgets; if giving an opportunity.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen


The Lisbon Reporter: SHAME ON TOWN MANAGER STEVE ELDRIDGE: SHAME ON TOWN MANAGER STEVE ELDRIDGE ANOTHER STALL TACTIC At last night's town council meeting, (September 20, 2011), under...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

November Council Election

It has been reported by a reliable source that two people have taken out papers to challenge Councilor Cote's reelection.

Mr. Larry Fillmore  and  Ms. Lisa Ward  are in the process of collecting signatures to get on the ballot for the fall election. I believe Mr. Fillmore  collected most of the signatures needed yesterday.

We all know how hard Mr. Fillmore has worked this last year to help the council through last years financial crisis. He has also exhibited  compassion  by bringing egregious injustices to the attention of the Council.

But I believe Larry's greatest strength lies in his research skills. He is usually more informed than the councilors when he take the podium.

He has attended All the Council Meetings, Special Meetings  and a number of  the workshops gaining the knowledge necessary to be an effective councillor.

I must admit I do not know Ms. Ward. I haven't seen her at any meetings and  I am unable to give you any of her qualifications.

While I personally feel Mr. Cote should retain his seat, I do acknowledge Mr. Fillmore is a worthy and fully qualified opponent that would make a fine Councillor.

Joe Hill

Thought of the day

If increasing commercial tax base lowers taxes
Why do the largest tax bases have the largest taxes.
And the smallest tax bases have the smallest taxes

CIA threatens 911 researchers after discovery of cover-up

Monday, September 12, 2011

Link between TV and alzheimers

Put the power back in the hands of the people


The exceptional letter written by Joe Hill to the Lisbon Reporter is right on the money. This council and the town manager are ruining this town and will have Lisbon in the same situation that Rumford is trying to fight out of right now. So what can we do?

I believe there are several things the residents of Lisbon can do to take back our town and put it back on the map as the greatest community in Maine.

It is not enough to just read the Lisbon Reporter. Everyone needs to tell their friends and family to also read the Lisbon Reporter.
Ask them to tell their friends and family to do the same.

Read articles posted on the Lisbon Maine News and Write letters to the Lisbon Reporter and the Lisbon Maine News and voice your opinions or views. You do not have to sign your name to the letter; sign it anonymous.

Both the Lisbon Reporter and Lisbon Maine News now have a place for you to comment on the articles. At the end of each article there is a section called "comments" and you can provide feedback on the article. Once again you, do not have to sign your name.

Write Letter to the Editors of the Sun Journal, Times Record or Portland Press Herald. I cannot guarantee they will publish your letters because the town manager has to approve then first because these newspapers censor what they publish.

Bombard the town office and your councilors with phone calls telling them what is going on in your area. Tell them how you feel about the current state of affairs in Lisbon.

Attend Town Council meeting and workshops even if you do not want to speak. Make your presents known.

Come and speak out at Town Council meetings and tell this council how you feel, if you want.

Reelect Roger Cote this November. Councilor Cote has always put the best interest of Lisbon first when he votes.

In 2012, vote out Mike Bowie and Lori Pomelow. If you review their voting records and watch them speak out on issues, you will see they certainly do not have the best interest of Lisbon at heart.
I have provided numerous options; the residents can take to assist in taking control of the Town of Lisbon. Not all of these options will apply to everyone but the important thing is to find the ones you can live with and make it happen.

 Please do not sit back and wait of us to make the change. We appear to be a small group but I believe there are a lot more citizen of Lisbon who are as concerned as we are but do not want to get involved. There is strength in numbers. This council believes they can do anything they want, like steal legally a neighbor’s property, without anyone saying anything because only a few come and speaking out. The residents of Lisbon need to change this quickly in order to prevent more of the same.


Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lisbon Crossroads

In my humble opinion Lisbon is approaching a crossroads. The path she will take is up to you.

Will she take the right path and bring town government back under control or will she turn her head and give all control over to the few for their own personal gain.

Over the last months I have seen some hidden external force exert its will over our Council, getting bolder and bolder as the time goes by. The face on this force is hidden from public view but make no mistake the force is there. It can be seen by observing councillors actions.
  • 99.5% of our town wants a vote on the budget yet our councillors flatly refuse to allow us the vote.
  • The Council has been taking its residents land with no regard for the impact it has on our neighbors lives.
  • Free speech at town meetings has been severely limited.
  • The peoples ability to remove a corrupt councillor is in the process of becoming extinct.
  • Our police apparently refuse to enforce laws on some councillors.
  • And the list goes on and on.

We need to take our town back. We need to go to the next Town Council Meeting and let our councillors know the veil is lifting. We can see what is happening and we won’t allow it anymore.

As English philosopher Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” Lisbon is full of good men and women. Let our voices be heard.

Joe Hill

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caution Disgusting behavior from Lisbon Council

If you want to see what some of our councilors have become click on the link below and select the Lisbon Sept 6 council meeting and watch the second half of the tape.Click Here

The Lisbon Reporter: Lisbon Falls Lady Makes 'Cuts Above' For Forty Yea...

The Lisbon Reporter: Lisbon Falls Lady Makes 'Cuts Above' For Forty Yea...: Faye Brown: Working at a good clip for 40 years By Darcie Moore, Times Record Staff Published: Friday, September 9, 2011 2:...


At the last town council meeting, Councilor LaRochelle admitted to performing an illegal action. LaRochelle explained he had instructed Town Lawyer Therriault NOT to work on the Charter change which pertained to putting the budget on the ballot. The entire council had expressed a desire to have Therriault to come up with some verbiage for the council to review.

I do not understand how a councilor, NOT the Chairman, can provide guidance to the Town Attorney after the entire council had provided guidance to Therriault. The other side of this situation is why Therriault is taking guidance from a single councilor. A competent attorney would know which guidance to follow. Tell me this is not collusion

Also at the meeting, the council decided to perform a survey to see what the people of Lisbon want regarding having the people vote on the municipal budget. This survey is supposed to determine if the resident really want to vote on the municipal budget. Councilor LaRochelle stated he was not sure this is what the people want. However, during last year’s fiasco over the tax situation Councilor Cote asked for show of hands who wanted to vote on the municipal budget and everyone present raised their hand? Councilor Cote asked who did not want to vote on the municipal budget and no one raised their hand.

During the last meeting, LaRochelle stated he knew Councilor Bickford has been gathering signature of resident on this issue. I asked Councilor Bickford to share the share the result of his survey. Councilor Bickford stated he had well over 200 signatures in favor of voting on the municipal budget. I asked how many people he had approached who did not want to vote on the budget and he stated only one.
Between the survey taking by Councilor Cote and the results of Councilor Bickford’s survey clearly demonstrate a need to have the municipal budget on this year’s ballot. However, the council voted to put yet another survey on the ballot instead of actually having the people vote on this issue. Apparently, this council is trying desperately to keep this issue off the ballot.

I believe this council is trying to protect the outrageously inflated police, fire and town manager’s budgets. If you remember correctly, this council voted a .09 percent increase in overall spending in this year’s budget. Instead of cutting spending, the council voted to increase it.

If you took out all the municipal spending like street lights and hydrant rental from the Public Works budget you will see which departments have the largest budget: Police and Fire. The town manager helped to cover this up by showing all the municipal expense under the Public Works on their pie charts. Just another example of creative accounting by the town manager in order to protect Brooks and Galipeau’s out of control spending of taxpayers hard earned monies. In this time of economic crisis, Brooks and Galipeau should be finding ways to cut spending not increasing spending.

This council vote to provide taxpayer’s dollars to the town manager’s budget so his secretary can attend paralegal training. Paralegal training is not in her job description so way are we providing funds for this. There are numerous example of the inflation in this year’s budget. No wonder this council does not want the citizen to vote on the municipal budget.

Lastly, I want to take a moment and compliment Chairman Lunt, Councilors Bickford and Cote for doing the right thing in voting to allow Mr. Morreale a week extension in order to save his property. This took real courage to do what was right. I have always regarded you as honest and an asset to this town. I only wish you would help Councilor Cote in putting what is in the best interest of the town of Lisbon first.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Friday, September 9, 2011


Why is Lisbon Council so vehemently refusing to place the budget approval in the hands of the people?

By the Councils own survey results there is overwhelming support (99.5%) to have the budget placed on the ballot. Our Councillors are intelligent people.They know what the public wants but they still resist.

Is there Someone or something preventing them from doing their job and putting undue pressure on our councillors? In order to decern where this interference is coming from we need to ask ourselves who benefits most by keeping the status quo.

If the budget were placed on the ballot the municipal departments would inevitably be in jeopardy of loosing some of their funding. I feel that most likely one or more of the town departments are attempting to quash this charter change in order to maintain their fiscal position.

If this theory is correct, Lisbon residents need to band together and insist the council abide by their wishes. Call all your councillors and insist that they include the budget item on the upcoming charter changes. (Mr. Lunt wants a written letter)

If we don’t take back our town things will only get worse. Let your councillors know you see what is really happening and you wont stand for it anymore.

Lisbon Residents are in charge of their own destiny. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

Joe Hill


Thursday, September 8, 2011

In-depth recap of Sep. 6th meeting


The September 6, 2011 meeting of the Town Council was extremely educational and entertaining to say the least.  The meeting started off with a Public Hearing on Access Management.  This is a new Ordinance dealing with driveways and sight distances in order to provide public safety.  Originally, this document was supposed to be restricted to Routes 9, 125 and 196.  The Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) worked with the Planning Board to come up with this Ordinance.  It was excellently written and provided Public Safety for the residents of Lisbon.  The Planning Board included Mill Street and Upland Road because of the school.  I recommended this ordinance apply to all the streets of Lisbon but the Planning Board and the council did not approve this.

During the Audience Participation, I brought out the fact the town Manager had stated in the council meeting on July 19th; “The Economic Community Development Director would brief the town on Moxie Day and provide a financial report.” in a couple of weeks. It is September 6th and no report.  Again, another example of the incompetency of the town manager by failing to follow through on issues presented at a council meeting.  According to Scott Benson, he will provide the briefing at the next meeting on September 20, 2011. 

I asked the question as to how the Animal Control Officer is paid for the four additional communities he provides support.  According to Eldridge, each of the other towns pays equally to the town of Lisbon for the Animal Control Officers salary.  

I asked the council at what point are the minutes of the meeting become a Public Record or a legal document.  No one could answer the question so I turned to the Town Attorney Roger Therriault for a response to this simple question.  Therriault shrugged his shoulders like he had no clue and gave no response.  The perfect lawyer for the Town of Lisbon.  The reason I asked the question was because the minutes of July 19th meeting have never been approved by the council.  Also the minutes of August 2 & 16th do not match the video of the meeting.  It appears the town clerk selects what she feels is important to record and once the council approves the minute they are considered a Public Record and a legal document.  By leaving questions and answer out of the minutes, the minutes are no longer an accurate record of the proceedings.  This council voted to no longer transcribe the minutes word for word and allowed the town clerk to write a smaller version of what took place at the meeting.  I believe if the town clerk is NOT recording accurately what took place during the meeting then maybe it is time to return to transcribing word for word the council meetings in order to get an accurate and complete version of the meetings.

I also asked where the Council Working Rules were and what date they were approved.  The response was August 2nd was the date the working rules were approved but they needed to work on the wording of paragraph e(5)d because I pointed out to the council it was impossible to comply with.  By the way, August 2nd minutes had no record of me telling the council about not being able to comply with the rules.  The town is very select when it comes to recording the minute of the meetings.  Showing up the council never gets published!!!!

Later on in the meeting, I asked to speak on the Charter changes and was denied by the Chair Mark Lunt.  I called a point of order and explained to the Chair the effective date of the approved council working rules was August 23rd but the changes had never been posted to town ordinances so I used Section 74-201 which states residents of the town of Lisbon are allowed to speak on agenda items after the sponsor has explained the issue and the councilors have asked questions.  I waited until these provisions were met to ask to speak.  Chairman Lunt stated he was running this meeting and I was denied a right to speak.  The actions of Chairman Lunt clearly demonstrate the council does not comply with their own ordinances and taxpayers are paying over $80,000 for an incompetent town manager who cannot be responsible to post current changes to the town ordinances and web site.

I left the saddest point of all for the last because I already wrote a full article on this; three councilors denied Mr. Morreale an opportunity to recover his property by paying all of the monies owed to the town of Lisbon on Monday September 12th.   Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle voted not to allow Mr. Morreale to pay all back monies owed and to take his property.  This act by these councilors showed the world they have no compassion for their fellow citizens.  They turned their backs on a resident in need of assistance.  Mr. Morreale asked for nothing more than a seven day extension on his back taxes and sewer charges.  In my opinion, this was a disgraceful act by Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle and I hope the next time these councilors come up for reelection; the residents of Lisbon remember how they treated one of their own. 


Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions speak louder than words!

Lisbon Town Council showed their true colors last night and it wasn’t pretty.

I had heard rumors about Lisbon Council heartlessly taking property but I wasn’t prepared for last nights example of legal property theft. Never have I seen a group of people more devoid of any human compassion.

Tuesday night Mr. Morreale asked the council for one week to secure the remaining few dollars he owed on his back taxes. Three of our councillors (Larochelle, Bowie,and Pomelow) voted to refuse Mr. Morales seven days to get the last few dollars needed to completely pay off his debt. Instead they voted to take his property.

To compound this injustice it appears that most of the back taxes owed may have been levied inappropriately. Mr. Morreale had a recent tax abatement on his property that reduced property values and consequently taxes by over 60%.

Why did these three councillors do this? Are there plans for this property?

I feel that town employees that have a hand in property seizures should’t be allowed to profit from their own actions by purchasing the same property below market value. This practice gives the appearance of impropriety.

We should curtail this morally revolting practice of property confiscation and find an alternate solution that will ensure that our town collects its needed revenues and at the same time assists struggling home owners in uncertain economic times.
F.E. Stacey

Sep. 6, Council Working Rules

At the September 6, 2011, Town Council meeting I asked the question: "What is the status of the Council Working Rules?" I was informed by Eldridge the Council Working Rules were approved on August 2, 2011 and were currently in affect. At the last council meeting, we were told the working rules had been approved on August 2, 2011 but there was some confusion on the language so the town manager was going to fix it
I reviewed the Council Working Rules attached to the agenda and it is so obvious that neither the town manager nor the town council have a lick of common sense. I explained at the August 2, meeting the council working rule 5d was impossible to comply with because the council requires the citizens to speak on agenda items prior to having the agenda item explained by the sponsor. So now the town manager rewords the paragraph to read "Once the agenda item has been explained by its sponsor or the town manager or staff and clarified by any questioning as provided above in (4)c, the discussion on the specific item will remain with the council and public comment will only be allowed at the Chairman’s discretion. The public shall address the item during the Public Hearing or Audience Participation section of the agenda." This version of the paragraph says exactly the same as the old but in a different order. Eldridge also added "at the Chairman’s discretion".
I cannot believe the council and the town manager are so stupid as to not realize the same issue exists. Residents are compelled to speak during Audience Participation without knowing what the issue is. Residents have a right to voice their concerns or opinions on agenda items once it has been explained to them. This is a form of censorship and I believe is a violation of Maine Revised Statute Title 13-C.
However, at last night’s council meeting there were even more disturbing action taken by the council. The Chairman Lunt refused to allow myself to speak on an agenda item even after I showed him the incompetency of the town manager by not posting the new changes to the Town Ordinance. These changes to the Council Working Rules were supposed to be replacing Section 74-201 of the town ordinances and this never took place. Chairman Lunt would not allow me to comment of the Charter Changes after I explained this to the council. In effect, Chairman Lunt violated the town ordinance and my right to address agenda issues. The town manager is so incompetent, simple tasks such an ensuring ordinance changes are posted in a timely manner and yet the taxpayer of the Town of Lisbon reward this incompetency by paying this individual over $80,000.
Councilor LaRochelle explained how he was offended by comments published on blogs. Councilor LaRochelle stated he and other councilors show up every meeting and work hard to earn their pay and do not deserve the abuse they are taking. I write many articles to the Lisbon Reporter and I am proud to bring the TRUTH to the residents of Lisbon because the residents of Lisbon will never hear it from a councilor, except Councilor Cote. I make it a practice to support everything I write so the people of Lisbon understand what these councilors are doing. The main reason, I utilize the Lisbon Report is because I am NOT allowed to bring most of these issues up during Audience Participation or Public Hearings. This council will not discuss issues of violations of the Charter, incompetency of the town manager, or any wrong doing by members of the council. This council wants these issues buried in letters to the council to be reviewed only by the council. The people need to hear what really goes on in this town. This town has a town manager who is not only incompetent but lack professionalism. Calling Public Works employee "idiots" in an email is unacceptable behavior in my book and required disciplinary action but instead the council said Eldridge handled himself in a professional manner and no action was taken.

This council forces the people to comment on blogs in order to get the truth to the people. If Councilor LaRochelle cannot stand to have the truth brought out to the citizens of the town of Lisbon then he needs to resign and do the Town of Lisbon a favor. The residents of the Town of Lisbon are entitled to know the truth about what is going on in the Town of Lisbon. If the truth cannot be brought out in town Council meetings, then we need to utilize blogs. Neither, the Sun Journal nor the Times Record will publish articles or Letters to the Editor without Eldridge’s approval.

Now Councilor LaRochhe, tell me how the citizens of the Town of Lisbon are going to hear the truth about what is going on in the Town? We, the people, deserve to know the truth.
Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

A Sad State Of Affairs


At last night council meeting, three councilors disgraced themselves and the residents of the Town of Lisbon and all true Mainers. These three are Vice Chair Lori Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle.

A fellow Mainer of the Town of Lisbon asked the councilor to allow him one week in order to get his finances in order to catch up on monies owed to the town in back taxes and sewer charges. These three councilors voted no to the motion before the council. The vote enables the Town of Lisbon to keep his property. I am sure there is an alternative motive to this insanity, like putting in a Cumberland Farms or even Councilor LaRochelle obtaining his third piece of property from the town.

Mr. James Morreale spoke before the council and explained how he had been working closely with the town officials to pay monies owed to the town. He explained how everyone was eager to help a fellow resident in this trying economy up until Mr. Morreale mentioned to Eldridge there was no mortgage on this property. Once Eldridge heard this, there was no further assistance by any member of the staff of the Town of Lisbon. Eldridge moved quickly to legally obtain the property at 231 Lisbon Street.

Mr. Morreale filed abatement in April of this year on the property at 231 Lisbon Street and 3 Village Street. Both of these properties, he legally owned at the time.
Two members of the town Tax Assessor’s office came out and went through both of these properties. As a result, the abatement was approved for 3 Village Street and the property value was lowered from $113,000 to $39,900. This is a 64% decreases in property value and considerably lowering his tax bill. The abatement on the 231 Lisbon Street was never settled because the town of Lisbon took the property for back taxes and sewer charges. There is no wonder Mr. Morreale could not pay his taxes with in inflated property value of over 64% put on him by the Town of Lisbon. The Town of Lisbon HELPPED to create this situation but would NOT help to correct it. Mr. Morreale, prior to the meeting, went to the town office to pay his back taxes and sewer charges with money in hand and the town of Lisbon refused to accept his money because the town had added additional monies after providing Mr. Morreale with an amount needed. He had the amount stated earlier but when he got to the town office it had changed. Now, Mr. Morreale has requested one week in order to pay, in full, all the monies owed in back taxes and sewer charges and Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle refused to render a fellow citizen an opportunity to keep his property. Mr. Morreale did not ask the council to reduce monies owed the town instead he asked for 7 days to make arrangements to pay ALL the monies owed in back taxes and sewer charges. What possibly could the town of Lisbon lose by granting this request? The town gets ALL monies owed to them and Mr. Morreale gets to retain his property. This would be a win win situation for everyone involved.

After the abatement was approved on 3 Village Street, the Town of Lisbon condemned the property and took it, but sent Mr. Morreale a 2012 tax bill for the property the town had taken. Eldridge and the town staff once again demonstrate their incompetency.

These three councilors represent the people of the town of Lisbon and as far as I am concerned were totally wrong in their decision NOT to allow Mr. Morreale one week to make everything right. These three individuals are not true Mainers and should never again be considered neighbors because human beings do not treat their neighbors this way. True Mainers help their neighbors out in their hour of need. A prime example of this is what Chairman Lunt revealed last night. A tree fell across his driveway as a result of the storm, Irene. He called Councilor Cote, his neighbor, and Mr. Cote went out and removed the tree from Mr. Lunt’s driveway before he cleaned up his own yard. This is what neighbors, true Mainers and human beings do. They render assistance to fellow human beings who are in need of help. This is NOT what Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle did last night; instead they turned their backs on a neighbor in need.

Since, there is absolutely no way to recall any councilors at the present time; the Town of Lisbon will have to live with these three councilors for at least another year but put this incident in the back of your minds and come 2012 Councilors PomelowE and Bowie have to go.

These three councilors do not represent me on anything because I am a true Mainer and a human being and I do not turn my back on a neighbor in need. This action by Vice Chair Pomelow, Councilors Bowie and LaRochelle is nothing more than disgraceful.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Editors Note: This is the fourth person I know of
                       that was very upset with last nights
                       council meeting.

Truth about smart meters

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can We Cure Aging?

Can We Cure Aging?

Perpetrating Fraud

All But One Lisbon Councilor Supports The Perpetration Of Fraud


According to Webster’s dictionary, fraud is defined as (1)a:  deceit, trickery; specifically:  intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right (1)b:  an act of deceiving or misrepresenting:  trick (2)a: one who is not what he pretends to be: imposter (2)b:  one who defrauds:  cheat syn see deception, imposture.

The Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge, certainly has demonstrated he meets all the qualifications of committing a fraud.  As the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Lisbon, Eldridge is responsible for the daily operation of the municipality.  This could be a simple task requiring little or no knowledge of Maine law or obeying the town Charter.  Since Eldridge took office, he has repeatedly ignored the town Charter and did whatever suited him.  Eldridge has for the last two years screwed up the tax commitment and the tax bills.  The tax bills had to be redone several times in the last two years costing the taxpayer at least $10,000 each time; hopefully this year will be different.

As Chief Administrative Officer, Eldridge is responsible for information posted to the sign board in front of the town office; there are repeated cases of the information being out dated.  How can the residents be expected to be informed when they have to read information which has expired?  This clutter keep’s citizens from being informed on current town business.

The town web site continues to keep information which has expired or been approved by the Town Council instead of posting information which is pending.  This is done to insure residents do not have an opportunity to participate or voice their opinions on town business.  Town Council workshop agendas are not posted in order to prevent citizens from attending.  Keep in mind, council workshops are NOT televised by Great Falls.  This action keeps the residents from knowing what is discussed during these workshops.  Also, residents cannot voice their concerns during workshops even if they have information which would benefit the Town of Lisbon.

Now for the latest demonstration of fraud perpetrated by Eldridge; the minutes of the Town Council meetings are being stripped of items brought out during the meeting.  If anyone wants proof of this blatant violation of the Town Charter, then print off the minutes of August 2, and August 16, 2011 from the town web site and compare the minutes to the videos for the same dates provided by Great Falls also found on the town web site.   There are items such as a discussion of the missing $32,500 not in the minutes of August 2, 2011.  There also was a discussion of the Fire Chief needing $5,700 to move a building.  The funds were committed by the council but never executed in four months.  Why isn’t the money returned to the General Fund until needed by the Fire Department for the work?

The minutes of August 16, 2011 do not reflect a discussion of equipment purchased with the $32,500 misappropriated from the Economic Community Development Department or the whereabouts of the council working rules.  The minutes have a discussion pertaining to 20 Campus Avenue when it was 4 Campus Avenue.

These clearly demonstrates the simplest of administrative actions cannot be performed by Eldridge.  The Town Manager is paid $80,000 dollars plus by the taxpayers to ensure the Town of Lisbon is operating in a professional manner.  It is the direct responsibility of the Town Manager to ensure the daily operations are performed as to reflect transparency in our government.   The citizens of the Town of Lisbon require all town business be performed legally and above board.  Keeping information, which reflects badly on the administration of the Town Council and Town Manager, does not demonstrate an administration which is reliable and truthful with residents.

Stephen Eldridge has clearly demonstrated a lack of competency in performing the simplest of tasks required by a Town Manager.  Eldridge’s continued disgraceful behavior constitutes an embarrassment to the Town of Lisbon, Maine Municipality Associate (MMA) and the residents.  It would be a disservice to real Town Managers to equate Eldridge as a Town Manager.  Eldridge is an impostor and truly fits the definition of fraud by pretending to be the Town Manager of Lisbon.

I believe before the Town of Lisbon can get back on track as the model community in which to raise a family, the Town Council needs to review Eldridge’s continued violations of Maine law, Town of Lisbon Charter and his daily operation of this community.  All of these infractions certainly provide grounds for dismissal of Eldridge so the Town of Lisbon can begin to heal.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

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9-11 Research: Insider Trading

9-11 Research: Insider Trading

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lisbon Residents its Time to take back our Town


The Town of Lisbon has a Town Council run exclusively by one individual (Mike Bowie). Councilor Bowie holds illegal meetings prior to every Town Council meeting with his puppets to provide instructions on what they are required to do during the meeting. Only certain councilors are allowed to attend, Councilor Cote is NEVER allowed and Council Chairman Mark Lunt is allowed on certain meetings. Councilor Bowie and the puppets are hypocrites because they do not comply with the Town Charter.

A prime example of these continued violations is the Vice Chair Pomelow and Councilor Mason situations. Both of these councilors, at the time they took the oath of office, swore under oath to: “I solemnly swear (or affirm)that I will support the Constitution and will obey the laws of the United States and of the State of Maine; that I will, in all respects, observe the provisions of the Charter and ordinances of the Town of Lisbon and will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Town Councilor”, had knowledge their husbands were operating a business out of their residence, which at the time was a violation of the zoning ordinance for their residence. Councilor Mason’s husband applied for and was granted, after the fact; a waiver to operate the business by the Planning Board.

However, Town Charter, Section 2-11(b)Forfeiture of Office A councilor may forfeit the office of Councilor (2) “knowingly and willfully violates any express prohibition or other provision of this Charter, of the terms of their oath of office, the Town’s Ethics Policy, or any other Town provision relating to the conduct of a Councilor, including violation confidentiality requirements”. I provided to the Chairman Mark Lunt documentation which clearly showed both of these Councilors, at the time of their oath of office, were in violation of the town Charter. No action was taken on this matter by the Town Council.

These councilors protect each other in order to keep control of the Council. Councilor Bowie will do anything, legal or illegal, to protect one of his puppets. These continued violations of the town Charter just go to show residents the honesty, integrity and professionalism of these councilors. These councilors have shown a total lack of respect for the residents of Lisbon, the Town Charter or what is best for the Town of Lisbon. These councilors have their own agenda and will perform any act, legal or illegal, to accomplish their goals.

Councilor LaRochelle preaches the council will police its own but to this council; these are ONLY words to passify the residents. This council has absolutely no intentions of policing their own or putting what is best for the Town of Lisbon first. A review of their record speaks volumes about their protecting each other. Also, look at their record on the Town Manager, who is the biggest violator of the Town Charter and Maine law. The Town Manager is the direct supervisor of the Tax Assessor. Eldridge stated last year the town had a valid commitment and nothing could be done about the tax bills. Come to find out there was no valid commitment and the mill rate was lowered $.60 per thousand. A true Town Manager would have reviewed the tax commitment process to ensure it was 100% correct before presenting it to the council. Remember what a goat rope we had to go through to prove to the council there had been a mistake made in the process.

It should never be the citizen’s responsibility to provide documentation or provide proof to the town council of errors in the management of the town. The taxpayers are paying over $80,000 dollars for a Town Manager who has demonstrated a lack of knowledge in the daily operations of a municipality, Maine law and the provisions of the Town Charter. Again, Town Charter, Section 3.03, Removal allows the town council to police one of their own, the Town Manager, for continued violations of Maine laws, and the Town of Lisbon Charter.

I can only point out to the citizens of the Town of Lisbon the continued violations performed by the Town Council and the Town Manager. IT IS UP TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF LISBON TO FORCE THE TOWN COUNCIL TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TOWN CHARTER.

Take action and restore honesty, integrity and professionalism back into the management of the Town of Lisbon. Call your councilors and demand they take the action required by the Town Charter and get rid of those who lack honesty, integrity and professionalism regardless of their position.

Larry A. Fillmore

London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids

London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids