Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can We Cure Aging?

Can We Cure Aging?

Perpetrating Fraud

All But One Lisbon Councilor Supports The Perpetration Of Fraud


According to Webster’s dictionary, fraud is defined as (1)a:  deceit, trickery; specifically:  intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right (1)b:  an act of deceiving or misrepresenting:  trick (2)a: one who is not what he pretends to be: imposter (2)b:  one who defrauds:  cheat syn see deception, imposture.

The Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge, certainly has demonstrated he meets all the qualifications of committing a fraud.  As the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Lisbon, Eldridge is responsible for the daily operation of the municipality.  This could be a simple task requiring little or no knowledge of Maine law or obeying the town Charter.  Since Eldridge took office, he has repeatedly ignored the town Charter and did whatever suited him.  Eldridge has for the last two years screwed up the tax commitment and the tax bills.  The tax bills had to be redone several times in the last two years costing the taxpayer at least $10,000 each time; hopefully this year will be different.

As Chief Administrative Officer, Eldridge is responsible for information posted to the sign board in front of the town office; there are repeated cases of the information being out dated.  How can the residents be expected to be informed when they have to read information which has expired?  This clutter keep’s citizens from being informed on current town business.

The town web site continues to keep information which has expired or been approved by the Town Council instead of posting information which is pending.  This is done to insure residents do not have an opportunity to participate or voice their opinions on town business.  Town Council workshop agendas are not posted in order to prevent citizens from attending.  Keep in mind, council workshops are NOT televised by Great Falls.  This action keeps the residents from knowing what is discussed during these workshops.  Also, residents cannot voice their concerns during workshops even if they have information which would benefit the Town of Lisbon.

Now for the latest demonstration of fraud perpetrated by Eldridge; the minutes of the Town Council meetings are being stripped of items brought out during the meeting.  If anyone wants proof of this blatant violation of the Town Charter, then print off the minutes of August 2, and August 16, 2011 from the town web site and compare the minutes to the videos for the same dates provided by Great Falls also found on the town web site.   There are items such as a discussion of the missing $32,500 not in the minutes of August 2, 2011.  There also was a discussion of the Fire Chief needing $5,700 to move a building.  The funds were committed by the council but never executed in four months.  Why isn’t the money returned to the General Fund until needed by the Fire Department for the work?

The minutes of August 16, 2011 do not reflect a discussion of equipment purchased with the $32,500 misappropriated from the Economic Community Development Department or the whereabouts of the council working rules.  The minutes have a discussion pertaining to 20 Campus Avenue when it was 4 Campus Avenue.

These clearly demonstrates the simplest of administrative actions cannot be performed by Eldridge.  The Town Manager is paid $80,000 dollars plus by the taxpayers to ensure the Town of Lisbon is operating in a professional manner.  It is the direct responsibility of the Town Manager to ensure the daily operations are performed as to reflect transparency in our government.   The citizens of the Town of Lisbon require all town business be performed legally and above board.  Keeping information, which reflects badly on the administration of the Town Council and Town Manager, does not demonstrate an administration which is reliable and truthful with residents.

Stephen Eldridge has clearly demonstrated a lack of competency in performing the simplest of tasks required by a Town Manager.  Eldridge’s continued disgraceful behavior constitutes an embarrassment to the Town of Lisbon, Maine Municipality Associate (MMA) and the residents.  It would be a disservice to real Town Managers to equate Eldridge as a Town Manager.  Eldridge is an impostor and truly fits the definition of fraud by pretending to be the Town Manager of Lisbon.

I believe before the Town of Lisbon can get back on track as the model community in which to raise a family, the Town Council needs to review Eldridge’s continued violations of Maine law, Town of Lisbon Charter and his daily operation of this community.  All of these infractions certainly provide grounds for dismissal of Eldridge so the Town of Lisbon can begin to heal.

Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Does Marijuana make you stupid???

9-11 Research: Insider Trading

9-11 Research: Insider Trading

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lisbon Residents its Time to take back our Town


The Town of Lisbon has a Town Council run exclusively by one individual (Mike Bowie). Councilor Bowie holds illegal meetings prior to every Town Council meeting with his puppets to provide instructions on what they are required to do during the meeting. Only certain councilors are allowed to attend, Councilor Cote is NEVER allowed and Council Chairman Mark Lunt is allowed on certain meetings. Councilor Bowie and the puppets are hypocrites because they do not comply with the Town Charter.

A prime example of these continued violations is the Vice Chair Pomelow and Councilor Mason situations. Both of these councilors, at the time they took the oath of office, swore under oath to: “I solemnly swear (or affirm)that I will support the Constitution and will obey the laws of the United States and of the State of Maine; that I will, in all respects, observe the provisions of the Charter and ordinances of the Town of Lisbon and will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Town Councilor”, had knowledge their husbands were operating a business out of their residence, which at the time was a violation of the zoning ordinance for their residence. Councilor Mason’s husband applied for and was granted, after the fact; a waiver to operate the business by the Planning Board.

However, Town Charter, Section 2-11(b)Forfeiture of Office A councilor may forfeit the office of Councilor (2) “knowingly and willfully violates any express prohibition or other provision of this Charter, of the terms of their oath of office, the Town’s Ethics Policy, or any other Town provision relating to the conduct of a Councilor, including violation confidentiality requirements”. I provided to the Chairman Mark Lunt documentation which clearly showed both of these Councilors, at the time of their oath of office, were in violation of the town Charter. No action was taken on this matter by the Town Council.

These councilors protect each other in order to keep control of the Council. Councilor Bowie will do anything, legal or illegal, to protect one of his puppets. These continued violations of the town Charter just go to show residents the honesty, integrity and professionalism of these councilors. These councilors have shown a total lack of respect for the residents of Lisbon, the Town Charter or what is best for the Town of Lisbon. These councilors have their own agenda and will perform any act, legal or illegal, to accomplish their goals.

Councilor LaRochelle preaches the council will police its own but to this council; these are ONLY words to passify the residents. This council has absolutely no intentions of policing their own or putting what is best for the Town of Lisbon first. A review of their record speaks volumes about their protecting each other. Also, look at their record on the Town Manager, who is the biggest violator of the Town Charter and Maine law. The Town Manager is the direct supervisor of the Tax Assessor. Eldridge stated last year the town had a valid commitment and nothing could be done about the tax bills. Come to find out there was no valid commitment and the mill rate was lowered $.60 per thousand. A true Town Manager would have reviewed the tax commitment process to ensure it was 100% correct before presenting it to the council. Remember what a goat rope we had to go through to prove to the council there had been a mistake made in the process.

It should never be the citizen’s responsibility to provide documentation or provide proof to the town council of errors in the management of the town. The taxpayers are paying over $80,000 dollars for a Town Manager who has demonstrated a lack of knowledge in the daily operations of a municipality, Maine law and the provisions of the Town Charter. Again, Town Charter, Section 3.03, Removal allows the town council to police one of their own, the Town Manager, for continued violations of Maine laws, and the Town of Lisbon Charter.

I can only point out to the citizens of the Town of Lisbon the continued violations performed by the Town Council and the Town Manager. IT IS UP TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF LISBON TO FORCE THE TOWN COUNCIL TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TOWN CHARTER.

Take action and restore honesty, integrity and professionalism back into the management of the Town of Lisbon. Call your councilors and demand they take the action required by the Town Charter and get rid of those who lack honesty, integrity and professionalism regardless of their position.

Larry A. Fillmore

London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids

London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids

Monday, August 29, 2011

                            Councillor Integrity

In my opinion Mr. Fillmore’s recent insightful letter in the Lisbon Reporter gives irrefutable evidence that Councillor Pomelo has a serious integrity problem.

I feel that all Councillors should obey all the laws of the town they govern.

How can we have any confidence in a councillor who willfully selects certain laws to obey and rejects others. Willful disregard for law speaks directly to the character of a person.

This also clarifies the councillors recent obsession with silencing the public at town Council Meetings. A resident can’t bring councillors indiscretions to light when they aren’t allowed to speak.

Our Lisbon Police department should enforce all laws equally. When the Police refuse to enforce laws equally they are perceived as the enforcement arm for the few and become someone to be feared instead of respected.

I know we have a number of fine Officers that take great pride in their jobs. Its time that they realize what selective enforcement is doing to their own reputations.

Now that this matter has been brought to the attention of our Police, I hope they will take their oath seriously and treat all residents equally regardless of the offenders political standing.

Joe Hill

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Censorship Lisbon Style


Eldridge and his staff have sunk to a new low lately and no one was the wiser. The staff prepares the minutes to the Town Council meetings and workshops. These minutes are supposed to be an accurate reflection of what was discussed and took place during the meeting/workshop. These minutes become “Public Records” once they are approved by the Town Council.

However, if you review the videos of the August 2, 2011 meeting and the minutes on the town of Lisbon web site, you will see there are many items missing from the minutes. I personally brought out during the meeting on August 2, 2011, the $32,500 misappropriated from the Economic Community Development Department. Eldridge claimed the transaction was a legal transaction and the Town of Lisbon was going after the funds through a civil suit. This conversation never took place according to the minutes. A prime example of censorship; if it is not part of the Public Record then it never took place.

Also during the August 2, 2011 meeting, I went into detail why the proposed amendment to the Council Working Rules was impossible to comply with because the wording was so screwed up. This was an embarrassment to the author of the change, Vice Chairman Councilor Pomelow. We do not want this council to look stupid or show how inept they truly are so we do not put this conversation into the minutes of the meeting. Again, censorship by Eldridge and his staff; if it is not in the Public Record then it does not exist even through it is on the video.

When you want something to go away, you simply do not publish it. This is the case of the minutes to the July 19th, 2011 Town Council meeting. There are no minutes for July 19th’s minute posted to the Town of Lisbon web site. Now this is truly censorship, just don’t publish it and everyone will forget about it.

The Town Council Workshop held on July 26, 2011 is mind boggling. I attended this workshop and listened to the entire debate on Charter Amendments. The discussion was never videotaped and I can understand why after reading the minutes of the workshop. I am amazed by these councilors and the town manager. I understood at the end of the discussion there was more work to be done on the Charter Amendments by the town attorney. This is reflected in the minutes. However, there are eight (8) Charter Amendments outlined in the minutes and another to be considered. The Municipal Budget Question for Ballot prepared by Councilor Cote was not included. Instead the minutes reflect “By general consent, the Council decided to place this item on the next agenda and to have Roger Therriault prepare the language changes for the Charters for Council review.” The next TWO agendas have come and gone along with a workshop and this item was NEVER on the agendas. Again, this is a clear demonstration of censorship by Eldridge and his staff.

Also, in the minutes of this workshop is a statement which reads “The Council discussed each of the following charter amendments and by general consent asked that the Town Manager place them on the warrant for the November 8 Election.” I do not believe this statement is accurate because the town attorney had to do additional work on some of the items and the question of the Municipal Budget was never resolved so how can they authorized the town manager to put these changes on the warrant for the November 8 Election. At the workshop, Roger Therriault stated the list of changes need to be narrowed down because the residents will not read all of the changes if there are too many on the ballot. The minutes reflect more work was to be done before the amendments would be ready and yet according to the minutes the council authorized the town manager to place the changes on the warrant for the November ballot. It is truly amazing how Eldridge and his staff manipulate the minutes of the Town Council meeting/workshops to meet their needs.

It is the responsibility and duty of the town manager to ensure all administrative matters pertaining to the operation of the Town of Lisbon are accurate and reflect the truth. It would appear once again Eldridge has no clue as to what the truth is and how to perform his administrative duties. Eldridge slips these minutes right under the noses of the Council because they believe him to be the best thing since the invention of peanut butter. The truth of the matter is Eldridge has the council wrapped right around his finger and they never read or question anything Eldridge presents to them.


Larry A. Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who will police the "Lisbon Seven ?"

    Over the last few years it has become obvious our councilors are either unable or unwilling to police their own.

   There has been  example after example of questionable behavior with no end in site.

   We have seen Councilor Pomelow 
apparently breaking the traffic laws by using our residential streets as a parking lot for large tractor trailers, sometimes loaded in excess of 60,000  lbs .We have also seen the Pomelow's  use their residence as a business without the proper municipal licenses. 

Councilor Pomelow isn't the only councilor with problems.

  We have also seen  Councilor Bowie  vote time and time again on council items when he had a conflict.

     1.  He voted on the Police Budget when part of his family income is derived from the Police Department.

     2.  Last Fall he voted on a matter directly related to his own recall.

          It is my understanding, (from town source) the town manager, most of the councilors and the town lawyer all recognised this conflict but decided  to let his deciding vote stand even though it  was an obvious egregious conflict of interest.

If we cant rely on the council to police its own and we are   unable to recall councilors, due to the newly passed recall rules that almost guaranteed a recall free term ,what can we do?

I think we owe our councilors a chance to do the right thing and clean up this mess. No one knows what needs to be done and how to do it more than our councilors.

It is our job to make sure they get the encouragement needed to make the necessary changes.

Call your councilors and let them know you aren't stupid,  you see what is happening  and you have had enough. Tell them the law is for EVERYONE.

Joe Hill



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Massive conflict of interest

 Councilor Bowie's wife working as an administration assistant with the Police Department  poses a massive conflict of interest  for Mr. Bowie.  

 Mr Bowie should recuse himself  not only on pay issues affecting his wife but on ALL  Police Department business.

As long as Mrs. Bowie works for the PD, the department has indirect if not direct leverage on one of the  council votes.  If Mr. Bowie doesn't push the PD agenda the  department has the ability to affect the quality of life in the Bowie household.

 It could even effect their income. The threat of job loss is always  there. A department head can always find a legitimate reason to fire an employee.

State and Federal lawmakers are never allowed to pass  legislation that directly affects their own business ventures .Why shouldn't we hold our local politicians to the same standard. Mr Bowie shouldn't be allowed to vote on matters that could potentially affect his family income.

I am surprised this obvious conflict has been overlooked for so long.
 Mr. Larochelle  has often talked about the council policing itself .This conflict is a good place to start.