Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Heart Disease Chlorine Connection Doctors Dont want to Talk About

Heart Disease and Chlorine

The primary cause of heart disease can now be understood, but authorities are not describing it.

It is known that the way arterial plaques form is by leukocytes (white blood 
The primary cause of heart disease can now be understood, but authorities are not describing it.cells) attaching to the arteries and then filling up with lipids and calcium. Researchers don't say why leukocytes attach to arteries. There is logic and evidence that indicates chlorinated water is the cause.

Chlorine kills bacteria by reacting with all types of biological molecules. Halides tend to react by substitution. That means they attach to the molecules they react with, and they migrate at low levels.

Laws require residual effects with chlorine, meaning it still kills bacteria when it comes out the tap. When it is drank, it is going to react with molecules in the body. Among the first to be contacted are walls of the arteries.

Chlorine attached to artery walls would create the appearance of a foreign substance. Halides (like chlorine) are extremely antigenic. So they would cause the leukocytes to attack the arteries. Then the leukocytes would do what they normally do, which is absorb free lipids and calcium from the blood.

Calcium and lipids in the blood are supposed to be combined with carrier molecules; and if not, they are removed from the blood by white blood cells. Probably, a low percent of all calcium and lipids which enter the blood are not properly attached to carriers.

So the leukocytes which are attached to arteries fill up with those calcium and lipid molecules which are not properly attached to carriers. The result is plaque formation.

Evidence for this mechanism is in the fact that Europeans have less of a problem with heart disease than Americans. They Ozonate their water instead of chlorinate it. Ozone does not create those problems.

Heart Disease:


Over twenty years ago Dr Joseph M Price demonstrated the undeniable connection between the practice of chlorinating water supplies and arteriosclerosis, in which a plaque composed mainly of cholesterol builds up inside arteries, resulting eventually in heart attacks and strokes.

Cholesterol is a lipid (fatty) substance present in all animal cells and essential to life; it's a precursor for many common bio chemical compounds. But when excess chlorine has been absorbed from drinking chlorinated water, it reacts 'with some of the cholesterol in the blood, forming the yellowish fatty deposits that accumulate along artery walls, narrowing and hardening them, and often causing ruptures.

The fact that the buildup is mostly cholesterol has led to the common assumption that the amount of cholesterol consumed is what determines susceptibility to heart disease. But while reducing cholesterol intake can tower risk somewhat, the theory that cholesterol is the sole cause of heart attacks has serious flaws.

It ignores the fact that heart attacks were virtually unknown until this century, when chlorination of water began, and they remain quite rare in places such as China as long as the practice is not adopted. It also does not explain how people such as Eskimos with massive cholesterol intakes remain free of heart disease. .
Read more http://www.cardioprim.com/heartdiseaseandchlorine.htm

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The former Town Manager, Stephen Eldridge, cared nothing for this community and made decisions with the Council’s approval that has hurt the community.  These decisions were NOT in the best interest of the town.

One of these decisions was to assign Mr. Leighton as the Director of Public Works.  Prior to this assignment, Mr. Leighton had never supervised anyone.  He was the Town Engineer and worked alone.  This lack of experience leading individuals has caused him to become a “toxic boss”.  For a definition of a toxic boss, please see attached.

Public Works had been operating with Button Beal as the Director.  During the time Mr. Beal was in charge, the employees worked as a family. They were a cohesive working group with little to no problems.  The moral was extremely high and everything operated at a high level of efficiency.  Today, this is not the case and the department is suffering in efficiency and moral.

Call the Town Manager and your Councilors to get rid of this toxic boss and restore the efficiency and the moral to Public Works.

Larry Fillmore



We have all seen the letter from the State of Maine stating Mr. Leighton cannot use the title as Town Engineer any longer because he is NOT an engineer.  Attached is the response from Town Manager.

If you notice, Mr. Leighton was not relieved as the Town Engineer, only that the Engineer was taken out of his title.  He was never relieved as Town Engineer and will continue to receive the same salary even though he is not qualified.  This is $20,270.00 tax dollars plus benefits could be saved. 

I cannot comprehend how Mr. Leighton can remain in the position as Town Engineer when he is clearly not qualified and be paid our tax dollars when the state acknowledges Mr. Leighton is not an engineer.

Also, did you know that Mr. Leighton is currently the Director of the Treatment Plant drawing $20,270.00 of our tax dollars?  This is significant because our Treatment Plant is rated by the state as a Grade Four plant and Mr. Leighton has only a Grade Two certification.  What this means is that Mr. Leighton cannot operate the treatment facility.  In fact, he cannot sign any of the reports going to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or any other state agency.  All our reports going to the state are signed by the Treatment Plant Operations Manager.  So why are we wasting another $20,270.00 of our tax dollars?

But the bigger question is why is the town hiring personnel who do not have the credentials to do the job?  I understand that Mrs. Barnes has only been here a short time, but this town needs to put a stop to this hiring practice and recoup our tax dollars from the unqualified.  The Town Manager and the Town Council needs to keep a closer eye on our tax dollars.  Wasting our tax dollars on individuals whom do not have the credentials for the position should never occur.

Please contact your Town Manager and Town Councilors and let them know that this is unacceptable.  In this case alone, the Town Manager and the Town Council could save the town over $40,000.00 of our tax dollars.

Larry Fillmore

Suzanne Humphries ABF Stockholm C-Vitamin

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is the Town Council trying to Load the Finance Committee with People that Agree with them?

March 24, 2015 budget workshop  by Dot Fitzgerald

At ALL previous budget workshops, tables were set up in council chambers,
with chairs around, for members of the town council, Town Manager,
department heads, and members of the Finance Committee.
A sort of round-table discussion. All were on the same 'playing level'.
At the Tuesday March 24 budget workshop, members of the   town council
and Town Manager were sitting at their appointed seats on the raised dais,
while Larry Fillmore, the only member of the Finance Committee
who cared enough  to attend the meeting,  was seated alone at a table on the floor,
so to speak.  There was not even a chair in place for him to sit on.
I felt that this was an insult to Larry, who as I said, was the ONLY member
of the Finance Committee who cared enough to attend.
Evidently Norma Wells and Charles Smith, the two remaining members
had more pressing things to attend to.
Even though the Town Council has received two very well qualified applicants for
the four vacant seats  they have failed to fill even one seat.
Could it be that they are waiting for the "right people" to apply?

                                                                 Dot Fitzgerald
                                                       A Concerned Lisbon Citizen

More Budget Savings on the Town Side of the Budget


The longevity stipend was established as an incentive for employees to remain working for the Town of Lisbon.  This program is in most businesses to retain continuous service by their employees.  It is very costly for companies to continually replace employees so this program is a cost savings.

In this years proposed budget, there are approximately 18 town employees receiving longevity stipend for continuous service in increments of five years.  However, there are a few employees abusing the program.  I will provide some examples:

Scenario 1:  Two individuals retired and were rehired the next day.  The first one retired on February 28, 2003 and the second one retired March 31, 2005.  Both employees were paid longevity stipend for the continued service up to the date of retirement.  Both terminated their service to the town in order to retire and were closed out as of their retirement date of all benefits and money owed.  Yet, they are trying to collect their longevity stipend based on this period of prior service in which they have already been paid for upon retirement.  Since that chapter of their lives has been closed out; they should not be allowed to use that period of service in the computations of continuous service.  The start date for the first employee should be March 1, 2003 and the second employee should be April 1, 2005.

Scenario 2:  There is an employee whose salary is divided by four departments because he is the head of three departments and works in a third.  However, the longevity stipend is recorded as Town Engineer as $1560.00; Public Works Director $1560.00; Solid Waste $1560.00 and Treatment Plant $2600.00 for a total of $7,280.00.  The longevity stipend is to be paid to an employee and not to position or salary.  This individual’s salary has been prorated between the four departments but yet the longevity stipend is not prorated and the employee will receive approximately $5,720.00 more that he should.  This employee should have his longevity stipend prorated between all four departments.  This will save the taxpayers $5,720.00 tax dollars.

In this financial crisis, every penny that the town can save will help the taxpayers.  I do not know if all employees’ longevity stipend is computed accurately.  These two scenarios are the only ones I was able to find that in my eyes are incorrect.

Larry Fillmore

Revised total Police Budget


On Tuesday night the Town Council held a Budget Workshop to discuss the Library, Police and Fire proposed budgets.  According to the Town Manager, Diane Barnes, the Police department budget increased by $130,760.00.  This was due to the fact that instead of 25% of the Officer wages are paid by the town and 75% are paid by the schools; she made it 100% of their wages.  This will change the total operating cost of the Police Department.

The following is what the taxpayers are forced to pay for a police force.

1,463,637.00 – Police
     82,490.00 – Animal Control
   339,784.00 – Dispatch/Communication Center
1,885,911.00  TOTAL

However, this is not the actual cost because the following expenditures are elsewhere in the budget:

        9,559.00 – Police Liability is under 01-115 Insurance
      17,604.00 – PD Full Service Support is under 01-135 Technology, Service & Support Agreement
                   14,285.00 – Tritech PD is under 01-135 Technology, Service & Suppo Agreement
         6,078.00 – 13 PDPatrol is under 09-900 Debt Service for leased vehicle
         5,952.00 – K9 Unit is under 09-900 Debt Service for leased vehicle
         9,380.00 – 14 PDPatrol is under 09-900 Debt Service for leased vehicle
                   10,403.00 – 15 PDPatrol is under 09-900 Debt Service for leased vehicle
        18,018.00  -  County Tax for PSAP (Just found it)
      91,279.00  - TOTAL

The total operating cost of the Police Department to the taxpayers is the sum of these two figures:


How close is this to two million?


This means that the Police Department is 24.69298% of the total Municipal Budget.  Can we really afford to pay 25% of our tax dollars for a police force in this bedroom community?

Larry Fillmore

Editors Note: The 1.977,190 million still isn't the total cost of the Police Dept..  You still haven't included the electric, heating and building maintenance on the PD building.   That cost would put the total cost of our pd well over 2 million dollars.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thank You

 I would like to thank my Google + followers for a new milestone. We just went over 5,000 followers thanks to you.

The Police Budget-----Home Foreclosure---Connection

As budget season rolls around again this year Lisbon Councilors have a life altering decision they must make. They must decide how many more of Lisbon's less fortunate they are willing to kick to the curb in order to continue financing our 31 plus member Police force. (click for PD employee list)

Many may feel that my last statement was overly dramatic but I assure you those people that lost their homes to foreclosure don't think it is sensational. Their lives have been turned upside down. and for what, so Lisbon can boast a large Police force. (click for latest foreclosure list)

Whether we want to believe it or not there is a direct relationship between the money our Councilors allocate to Lisbon PD and the number of foreclosures in Lisbon. All of those Police toys come with a price tag attached and that price is the homes of our elderly, single mothers and  economically less fortunate. 

When new tax bills come out this August we will feel the full effect of last June's "School Bond"` vote. I have heard, from some of those in the know, that we are looking at at least a $1 mil rate increase before we even start this years budget. We can't afford the taxes we have let alone more increases. 

Lisbon is in financial crisis.
It is time for our Councilors to look at eliminating the Lisbon Police and hiring a few Deputy Sheriffs to give out the occasional summons every other day. We are is such bad shape that we could cut $1,000,000 dollars from this coming budget and still have one of the highest taxes in Androscoggin County. Don't take my word for it , do the math. 

Some Councilors argue that in a past "online" survey Lisbon Residents wanted to keep the PD and cut other Departments. This quoted survey was not a "controlled study". Do you think any Police Officers took that survey more than once to keep their jobs? If the Councilors want to govern by survey how about giving us the Department by Department vote overwhelmingly requested by another survey.

Our Council has made many improvements over the past year or so, but more changes are still needed. Our Councilors need to be made aware of the full impact their decisions have on Lisbon's taxpayers on the edge. We don't want to become the Foreclosure capitol of Androscoggin County.

Call your Councilors and let them know what you think.

Joe Hill