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Governor Made Food Stamp Recipients Volunteer 6 Hours/Week, What Quickly Happens Is OUTRAGEOUS!

Posted by Bob Amoroso

Waking up early and going to work to provide for yourself and your family, seems as routine as brushing your teeth, and yet to a subculture class of individuals, this simple daily routine seems outrageous.

VIDEOFood Stamp Recipients Face Work Rule Deadline

And so when Maine Gov. Paul LePage decided to impose a three-month limit on welfare benefits for able-bodied adults without dependents, all “hell broke loose.

Now, before all the raging liberals out there start throwing a hissy fit and talking about how much conservatives hate the poor and all that bleeding heart rhetoric, this limit is only enforced if the “Abawds” refuse to get a job working 20 hours a week, take job training, or volunteer 6-hours a week.

I repeat 6-hours a week!

Remarkably once this rule was actually enforced, nearly 80% of people on welfare were cut off the program because they refused to get a job or volunteer to work 6- hours a week.

U.S. Debt Was $19,947,304,555,212 On Jan. 20th… You’ll Be Stunned At Where It Is Now

February 23, 2017 The Truth Division News

In one month, President Trump has already reduced the national debt.

On January 20th — Inauguration Day — the debt was resting at a $19,947,304,555,212.40, or $19,947 billion.

Today, the debt is $19,935,316,186,835.70, or $19,935 billion.

In just one month under the Trump administration, the entirety of the debt has been cut by 0.1 percent ($12 billion — whereas former President Obama grew the debt $200 million in his first month.

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*****Snopes Gets it Wrong*******

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. testifies during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, September 29, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Fact-Check: Snopes Gets Facts Wrong While Defending Planned Parenthood

PETER HASSONReporter, Associate Editor
8:25 PM 02/17/2017

Mythbusting website Snopes got the facts wrong while attempting to fact-check recent claims that Planned Parenthood rewards employees for hitting abortion quotas.

Pro-life advocacy group Live Action posted an interview with two former Planned Parenthood employees about whether the organization has quotas for abortions, which make up a significant share of Planned Parenthood’s non-government revenue.

One former employee, Sue Thayer, said that every Planned Parenthood center has an abortion “goal,” and that employees were rewarded with incentives for meeting abortion goals. Thayer said no such incentives exist for Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services.

A second former employee, Marienne Anderson, corroborated Thayer’s account, saying that she was regularly told “You have a quota to meet to keep this clinic open.”

Pro-life activist Lila Rose, Live Action’s founder, provided as further evidence a certificate awarded to a Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora, Colorado, for exceeding the number of “abortion visits” from one year to the next.

Snopes’ fact-checker Kim LaCapria, who has described herself as “openly left-leaning,” leaned on information from Planned Parenthood in its “fact-check” of Live Action’s claims, which Snopes rated as “unproven.” (RELATED: Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively)

LaCapria cited Planned Parenthood in claiming that Thayer was unsuccessful in a lawsuit she brought against Planned Parenthood for alleged Medicaid fraud. But the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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Ex Pharam Sales Rep speaks the truth --- Pharma doesn't want to heal you.

Woman Brutally Gang Raped, Police Not Interested

Cops more coSwncerned with eating cheetos and watching TV
Paul Joseph Watson | - FEBRUARY 24, 2017 126 Comments

A Swedish woman was brutally gang raped and racially abused by a group of men in Gothenburg who live streamed the assault to Facebook, but police were disinterested when the case was brought to their attention.

In a Facebook post, journalist Joakim Lamotte writes about how he obtained a video showing the rapists assault the unconscious woman as they hurled abuse, calling her “Swedish” as a pejorative insult and “fat” while encouraging each other to “f**k her in the butt”.

The faces of the offenders were clearly visible and they referred to each other by name, writes Lamotte. The inside of the building in which the attack took place is also seen in the clip.

However, according to Lamotte, a concerned mother who first brought the video to the attention of police in Gothenburg was shocked to see that they were disinterested and “sat and ate cheetos” while being seemingly more bothered by her for reporting the incident.

The mother told police that it would be possible to trace one of the culprits via his Snapchat account, but that the officers “were more interested in watching TV.”

The mother never heard anything back from police and when Lamotte personally investigated the incident, he discovered it was being treated as “aggravated rape” but that “no one even has begun working with the case yet”.

Lamotte was told by an officer named Therese Ottosson that police do not have the personnel available to investigate the case.

Lamotte said it was “totally incomprehensible” that nothing has been done given police had the opportunity and evidence to swiftly arrest the culprits. One of the rapists is still uploading images and videos to Snapchat as if nothing happened.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mainstream Media Censoring and Removing Comment Sections.

Readers influenced more by comment section than the article itself
Paul Joseph Watson | - FEBRUARY 23, 2017 479 Comments

News that Google has developed a new AI system that “identifies abusive comments” to clamp down on “hate speech” reminds us why mainstream media websites are censoring and removing comment sections altogether – because studies show they have more influence over the opinion of the reader than the article itself.
Google’s new tool, Perspective, works by comparing comments left on news websites to comments left on Wikipedia and the New York Times that were deemed “toxic” by a team of human reviewers.

The only criteria given for what constitutes a “toxic” comment is that it causes someone to leave a conversation. Obviously, this could also include someone who lost a debate or who is merely offended or triggered by another comment.

With trust in mainstream media plummeting, the real goal behind the censorship and in some cases entire removal of comment sections is to manipulate public opinion.

As the Daily Tech revealed, Popular Science admitted that the decision to pull its comment section was in order to preach a “scientific doctrine” on global warming without being challenged.

Popular Science acknowledged that their decision was based on a study by Dominique Brossard, a Life Sciences Communication professor at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, that appeared in the February 2013 edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Computer-Mediated Communications.

Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After Accusing CNN of False Reporting

CNN aired a "series of false and defamatory news reports"
Rachel Stockman | LawNewz - FEBRUARY 18, 2017


Those who accuse CNN and other mainstream media outlets of “fake news” will probably revel in a recent decision by a federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia.
While Judge Orinda Evans didn’t all out declare that CNN was peddling in falsehoods, she did take aim at the network in an initial judgment in favor of a former hospital CEO who sued CNN accusing them of purposely skewing statistics to reflect poorly on a West Palm Beach hospital. Judge Evans didn’t mince words in her 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, and dismissing CNN’s attempt to get it thrown out of court.

Davide Carbone, former CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN after they aired what he claims were a “series of false and defamatory news reports” regarding the infant mortality rate at the hospital. CNN’s report said the mortality rate was three times the national average. However, Mr. Carbone contends that CNN “intentionally” manipulated statistics to bolster their report. He also claims that CNN purposely ignored information that would look favorable to the hospital in order to sensationalize the story.

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Good Information From The White House

The White House

We are officially one month into President Donald J. Trump’s Administration, and it has been a very successful start.

President Trump has focused on jumpstarting job creation and saving taxpayers money, by withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and clearing roadblocks delaying the Keystone Pipeline's construction. Along with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, President Trump created the United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, to ensure that all Americans have ample opportunities in the workforce.

In a first step to unraveling the Obama-era regulations, President Trump signed two bills to roll back regulations and issued an executive order requiring that for every new regulation created, two must be eliminated.

President Trump has successfully coordinated with several companies to bring thousands of jobs back to America, and saved Americans over $700 million by negotiating lower costs for the F-35 fighters.

President Trump has also taken great strides in domestic security by signing executive orders that focus on reducing crime, restoring public safety, dismantling transnational criminal organizations and protecting our brave law enforcement officials.

Looking to national security, President Trump has directed his Secretary of Defense to devise a strategy to defeat ISIS, overseen the imposition of sanctions on more than 25 individuals and entities that threaten America's national security, and strategized with more than 30 foreign leaders about our shared security concerns.

Lastly, following on the impeccable legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Trump nominated the brilliant Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

President Donald J. Trump has spent the last month fulfilling promises and helping the American people. He's looking forward to the many more successful months and years of action to come.

Letter From Deplorable Lisbon Falls Resident.

  This report can be found on FACEBOOK - Progressive Maine aka PM posting from 02-20-2017.  The Portland Press Herald published it word for word like Fake News Lemmings, that they are.

Progressive Maine Scorecard - Another Fabricated Participation Award Ribbon?
Under Fair Use, here is their hyperlink:

Progressive Maine has fabricated and published a REPORT.  Because of their efforts, it has now created another RIBBON to award to the participants. To be used to craft Public Policy and a data point on their re-election cards.

This report is fabricated from the 19 votes taken in the Year 2016 within the Portland City Council agendas.  Stopping just shy of calling Portland voters too lazy to read and study these documents for themselves, and with adverbs galore, PM created eleven PROGRESSIVE subjects for their participants to be evaluated by.

  These are:
Racial .....Justice
Gender .....Equity
Strong .....Public Schools
Great .....Public Parks
Access to..... Health Care
Affordable .....Housing for those who work and live here
A Clean..... Environment
Sane .....Drug Policy
Welcoming for immigrants
An End Corporate Handouts
An Economy .....that serves the interests of working people, not just wealthy business.

So the Portland City Council got their Participation RIBBONS for future use.  After reading this fabrication, it gives the impression that PM cares nothing about the taxpayers burden they are already paying.

Now this fabricated REPORT will be used in future public policy.  It has made the GREAT LEAP forward in the process of creating a brick in the sidewalk, for the self-aggrandizing PROGRESSIVES to tread upon as they fill their own pockets with cash from their crony buddies.

from a deplorable in Lisbon

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


This is a brief summary of Town Council meeting held on February 21, 2017. I believe this Council meeting was critical for the future of Lisbon and I encourage each and every member of this community to review the meeting on Friday at 07:00 PM. Also, it is available on the town web site.

Under Good News & Recognition:

1. Lisbon Cheerleaders Proclamation – The Town Council recognized the Lisbon Cheerleading Squad for winning the Maine State Competition.

2. Spirit of America Award – The Council awarded this to the Route 196 Master Plan Subcommittee.

3. Presentation to Outgoing Councilor Metivier – Chairman Ward gave a present to Former Councilor Eric Metivier for his service to the community.

Under Public Hearing - ECD Director provided a slide presentation outlining the Amendment to the already approved Kelly Park TIF.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1. Healthy Androscoggin Grant Award – The Council approve by a vote of 7-0 to accept $600.00 grant.

2. Kelly Park TIF District – The Council tabled this action under everything could be ironed out.

3. USDA Rural Development Funding Application – The Council approve by a vote of 7-0 to apply for this funding.

4. Dispatch Consolidation Discussion – The Council voted by a vote of 4-3 to retain the Lisbon Communication Center. Please review the video for specifics.

5. ATRC Project – The Council approved this project by a vote of 7-0.

Under Appointments – Mr. James Lemieux was appointed Water Commissioner to replace the late Mr. Bill Bauer.

Larry Fillmore

20 - 30 Young Muslim Men threaten to Rape Woman.

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill: Tax People for Being White

by Kevin Jackson | Feb 20, 2017

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill: Tax People for Being White

It’s time for white people to pay the “black tax.” That’s the tax for not having enough melanin in their skin, ergo gaining from “white privilege.”

Yes, once more white America suffers the guilt of people who haven’t been slaves or oppressed in any way. The Congressional Black Circus, most more wealthy that 99 percent of our readers race-bait in order to keep the gravy train running.

The Washington Examiner reported, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and the CBC have reissued a bill to study reparations for America’s past sin of slavery.

For Conyers, this twenty-year long crusade, reemerges annually. And even with a black president in office, he couldn’t get it passed.

These clowns expect to tax white people for nothing more than being white. Well, this white chick is not paying any tax every other American must pay.

Moreover, before some bleeding heart pansies say they are willing to pay the “black tax,” I suggest getting a DNA test on all of the CBC. Have you seen these people? Many, and I do mean MANY are not black at all, but dangerously close to white themselves.

I want to have run DNA test on every member of the CBC. I bet the results will be shocking.

How Did She Make $15 Million Within 6 Years As A Politician?

Senator Warren Net Worth Revealed

Posted by Matthew Bernstein | Feb 13, 2017 | Liberal Corruption

That’s The Question We Want Answered!

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren has made quite a name for herself since she first became a Senator from Massachusetts in 2012. In four years, she has gone from first time Senator to potential face of the Democratic Party. It’s quite the accomplishment, but naturally it’s riddled with mystery.

Warren has risen through the Democratic Party, amid controversy over her heritage. She claims that she is Native American, something that her opponent in the 2012 Senate race criticized because she hasn’t allowed the public to see if her claim can be verified. Naturally, that isn’t all the controversy surrounding Warren.

As with most Senators, she is quite wealthy. In fact, she is in the top one percent of the nation, and yet she claims to be a fighter for the middle class. Her tax returns however, show that she was worth about $15 million at the time of her Senate race.
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The recommendation has no basis in scientific fact
Daily Mail - FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Fitness bands that count the number of steps you do may do more harm than good, a leading computer scientist warned yesterday.

The activity trackers advise that people should rack up 10,000 steps a day.

But a lack of scientific research means that these claims have ‘no evidence base’ and could even be harmful, a leading scientist warned yesterday.

Dr Greg Hager, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins, told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting that trying to hit 10,000 steps for elderly people may be harmful.

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MSNBC Said its their Job to Control What People Think... ----- Trump is Right about the Fake Media


O'Keefe suggested CNN would be exposed
Ryan Grim & Michael Calderone | Huffington Post - FEBRUARY 22, 2017 264 Comments


Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III said on Tuesday that he will soon release “hundreds of hours” of unaired footage secreted out of a major news organization.

The footage could come as early as Thursday, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity during a radio interview. The footage was provided to him, O’Keefe said, by people inside the network.

After the radio interview was recorded, HuffPost asked if O’Keefe would be releasing footage from multiple newsrooms or just one. “One corporation, multiple newsrooms,” he said.

O’Keefe wouldn’t divulge which particular network would be hit, but said it was one President Donald Trump has spent much time talking about recently. “It’s the one he’s always targeting,” O’Keefe said.

That would seem to suggest CNN. Trump has been on a tear against the network since it revealed the existence of an allegedly embarrassing dossier that intelligence agencies were investigating.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Barack Obama be Charged with Treason?

Democrats will be lost in the desert for a very long time!!
By Conservative Army -February 21, 2017

Trump administration to charge Barack Obama with treason saying that “no one is above the law”. When Donald Trump was sworn in a US President, he signed an executive order, that reversed a previous order signed by Barack Obama just days before he left office that removed Dana Boente from his position behind the Attorney General as second in line.

Dana Boente was bumped down the power scale without explanation from Obama, but with his renewed authority, he now says he will bring charges against any liberals or Democrats that are working to undermine the president. It’s widely believed that Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, is working with the Deep State in a bid to overthrow Trump’s presidency by inciting riots across America which Boente considers to be an act of domestic terrorism.

According to a recent report by the New York Post, the former president has vowed to fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency and Obama will command an army of agitators from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.


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Did Obama Set Up a Coup


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Monday, February 20, 2017

ObamaCare Comparison

Two patients with hip problems each limp into two different doctors’ offices with the same complaint on the same day.
               Both will require hip surgery

Patient #1 is examined within an hour, has an x-ray that day, and is booked for surgery the next week.

Patient #2 sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment. Then, waits for 8 weeks to see a specialist. Then, gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed for another week. And, finally has his surgery scheduled for 3 months from then, pending the review board’s decision on his age and the remaining value to society.

Why the different treatment for the two patients?

Patient #1 is a Golden Retriever seen by a vet.

Patient #2 is a senior citizen covered by                                  ObamaCare.

If we don’t replace ObamaCare, we’ll all have to find a good Vet.