Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF Monday, July 27, 2015

NaturalNews) The history of the suppression of medical science in America is a long one, filled with true accounts of pioneering doctors and clinicians being threatened, intimidated and even assassinated in order to bury emerging cures and keep the "sick care" industry in control. (The American Medical Association, for example, has been found guilty by the U.S. federal courts of a conspiracy to destroy the chiropractic industry, by the way.)

Over the last few days, we've learned that before being found shot in the chest and floating in the river, pioneering medical researcher Dr. Bradstreet was working with a little-known molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. Called, "GcMAF", this molecule has the potential to be a universal cancer cure for many people. It has also been shown to reverse signs of autism in the vast majority of patients receiving the treatment.

While GcMAF is perfectly legal as a treatment in dozens of advanced nations around the world, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has outlawed it, calling it an "unapproved drug." It is with this designation -- an effort to suppress the forward progress of medical science -- that the U.S. government conducted a raid on Dr. Bradstreet's clinic, specifically seeking to confiscate GcMAF in order to shut down his research and halt his treatment of patients. Meanwhile, Big Pharma gets special permission to unleash untested, experimental drugs on the public as long as those drugs earn sufficient profits.

In this article, I summarize the videos, articles and documents covering GcMAF and the mysterious death of Dr. Bradstreet. An exhaustive investigation needs to be pursued on this matter, possibly involving private investigators. The timing and manner of Dr. Bradstreet's death seems highly suspicious, especially in light of the many other holistic doctors who have recently been found dead under mysterious circumstances. (Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died just days ago...)

Motive to murder medical researchers and suppress a promising cancer treatment breakthrough


Last night the Town Council held a workshop and this is a summary of what took place.  First and foremost, it was good to see Council Mark Lunt again after a long illness.  Welcome back, Mark!

The Council discussed four items and as in every workshop there is NO voting.  No final decision was made.  The purpose of a workshop is to discuss the subject matter and see if the Council needs additional information in order to render a decision.

1.    Trail Parking – Mark Stevens provided several options with a couple being the area behind the ETTI building on Capital Avenue and another being somewhere on Davis Street.  Two areas were discussed.

2.     Trail Signage – Chairman Pesce mentioned the fact that there are no signs identifying the location of our trails.  Mark Stevens recommended applying for signs from Maine DOT as one option.  Also Public Works will be posting mile markers and there will be four (4) bike rack put along the trail.

3.    Fireworks Ordinance – Town Manager Barnes announced that she has instructed the Police Department to stop issuing warnings and start issuing citations for illegal use of fireworks.  Citizens are still violating our town ordinance as far as the days and times.  Council Garrison has made several administrative recommendations to bring the town ordinance in line with the state ordinance.  One important change is that you have to be 150’ from any occupied dwelling.

4.    Camera /Fuel Pumps – The Town Manager Barnes provided several bids for cameras to be place to ensure only authorized users are receiving fuel and to protect both the Public Works garage and the Transfer Station.  The Council reviewed the documents and asked numerous questions that they need answers on. 

This concluded the workshop.

Larry Fillmore

Tuesday, July 28, 2015



 Lisbon  Councilor Chris Brunelle

Lisbon Councilor Dale J. Crafts
I do not know how many of you know it but latest Thursday, July 23, 2015 the Town Council held a workshop.  I am going out on a limb and say there could NOT have been many citizens in attendance since there was no notification. 

Of course, Chairman Pesce is going to say that it was posted on the town web site and he would be correct.  Below is a copy of the Agenda.  Please note that the day and the date do not match.  This is another example of transparency in Lisbon.

 (click on above to print)

It would have been nice to have heard the discussion on the Mill Street Dam and the Water Department Tower.  Once again that ship has sailed.  We all will have to wait for minutes of the workshop to come out.  Of course, the minutes do not reflect everything that was discussed in the workshop.

It would appear that Chairman Pesce and a few of the Councilors are so wrapped up in their vendetta with the School Department that they are not paying attention to their responsibilities.  It is the Chairman’s responsibility, in coordination with the Town Manager to ensure the Agenda is posted in a timely manner and that it is accurate.  That did not happen!

Chairman Pesce and Town Manager Barnes need to stop thinking of ways to justify their position on the School Budget and start doing what is right for the community.  That is what we are paying them for!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have transparency in this town; so that the citizens are kept informed as to what is going on in our town?

Larry Fillmore

P.S. There is a workshop, Tuesday July 28, 2015 7:00 P.M. at the Town Office.  On the Agenda is Trail Parking; Trail Signage; Fireworks Ordinance and Cameras – Fuel Pumps.  The original agenda was dated Thursday, July 28, 2015 but it is actually Tuesday.


In a previous article, I wrote that I was sure that there would be technical difficulties with the video of Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.  As I stated previously, Chairman Pesce and the rest of them should be ashamed for the character assassination of Superintendent Richard Green by Mr. Karass, the Finance Director.

But what is even more despicable is how the other Councilors, Town Manager and Town Attorney sat there and made no attempt to stop this clear violation of the Council Working Rules.  I was, of the understanding, that the town is paying the Town Manager and Town Attorney a great deal of money to advise the Council.  Character assassination of anyone is totally disrespectful and to utilize it to justify the Council furthering their vendetta of the School Department shows how low these Councilors really are.  When, I make that statement I do not include Councilor Garrison or Lunt.

The video of this act and the fact that there were TWO Executive Sessions did not play on Friday night.  And I do not know if the people at home will ever see how phony some members of the local government are.  The taxpayers are paying hard earned money and deserve better treatment.

Whenever the Council does not want the people to see what, did or did not take place at a Town Council meeting, there are always technical difficulties with the video.  This has happened numerous times and always when there is a controversy. 

 Isn’t that strange!??!

I guess that the question “transparency or technical difficulties” has now been answered.  The town of Lisbon is slowly going back to the Eldridge era where so many issues were hidden behind closed doors from the people.

Larry Fillmore

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Under the provisions of the “Home Rule” the state cannot interfere with the daily operations of a Municipality.  However, even under the “Home Rule” Municipalities cannot violate or ignore Maine law.  The Town Council has violated Maine Revised Statutes, Title 1:  General, Statute 405 Executive sessions.
According to the latest Agenda, July 21, 2015, Agenda Item 2015-218 Order – 1 MRSA Statute 405 (6)(e) Consultations with legal counsel but did not list the appropriate Agenda Items being discussed such as DEP Consent Agreement; Revaluation Decision or Interlocal Agreement for the Code Enforcement and Stormwater Services.  I understand the need to keep from placing the Municipality at a substantial disadvantage.  No one needs to know the specifics of what is said in Executive Session but the Public has a right to know what is going on in regards to these matters in accordance with Maine Statute 401.

Tuesday night, Chairman Pesce requested a motion to move to Executive Session and it was moved and seconded.  At no time did anyone state why they were moving into an Executive Session except to consult with the attorney.  After approximately 45 minutes, the Council returned and continued on with the meeting.  No Councilor made any motions nor was there a vote taken.  Everyone thought they would tell the people what was going on when it came to the three Agenda Items.
When Agenda Item 2015-210 DEP Consent Agreement and 2015-211 Revaluation Decision came up there was a motion to accept as stated in Executive Session and it was seconded.  Both were approved by a vote of 6-0.  At no time were the people told what is going on or provided a summary of what just took place.  Under Maine Statute the people have a right to know what is going on but they do not have a right to know the specifics of what was said in Executive Session.  The third Agenda Item was tabled.
Maine Statute 405 outlines the procedures to be followed pertaining to Executive Sessions.  This statute was not followed and the people were denied the right to know what is going on with the DEP Consent Agreement and the Revaluation Decision.  

Where is the transparency when the people are denied the right to know what is going on and how their tax dollars are being spent?
Now we are going to look at the Council Working Rules, written by the Council, for the manner in which meeting are supposed to be conducted.   Paragraph d(2) Meeting Length states “All council meetings, workshops, or executive sessions shall be conducted, except in extraordinary circumstances within 2 ½ hours of the time the meeting is called to order.  At regularly scheduled meetings, this will call for adjournment on or before 9:30 P.M.   The council may, by waiving these rules, agree to extend the time for meetings if it is deemed appropriate.  The meeting on July 21st began at 7:30 P.M and was adjourned at approximately 11:30 P.M. and there was no motion to waive the time restriction; Chairman Pesce totally disregarded this provision and continued the meeting.  It was Chairman Pesce’s responsibility, along with the Town Manager, to create the Agenda to be accomplished within the 2 ½ hours time frame.  This was also ignored.  If you look at the Agenda above, you can tell it was too long and needed to be split.
These continued violations of Maine law and the Council’s own working rules need to be stopped immediately. 
The State needs to review the actions of Chairman Pesce and Town Manager, Diane Barnes to ensure that Maine law is being complied with at all times.

Larry Fillmore